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[Originally published at “Just a Thought — Mental Illness Meets Common Sense”]

Today is April 15th.  It is Tax Day, 2011 [tax day actually moved up a few days, but you get the picture]. With it comes the release of Atlas Shrugged The Movie Part One.

I’ve been a fan of the novel Atlas Shrugged and a student of Ayn Rand’s philosophy for nearly twenty years.

Objectivism has allowed me to shrug off  what should have been a completely  debilitating illness.  Without Objectivism it is doubtful I would have maintained full employment, written a book, maintained a home, or be writing this or anything else.  My ability to manage a foot and a half in reality and reason – via Objectivism, mitigates against much of the effects of my schizophrenia. Read the rest of this entry »


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A seasoned, professional,and philosophically astute analyst can, like few others, recognize the goals and the outcomes of political policy.  At the least, barring that, he can ask the correct questions.  In doing so, these thinkers can help us understand the actions of government and its policy makers.  An astute analyst can provide, with his thoughtful and probing questions, the tools we need to grapple with the world we live in.

Those tools were provided this week by no less a gifted intellectual and seasoned analyst than Comedy Central’s comedian cum wannabe journalist Jon Stewart.

I am no fan of Jon Stewart as pundit.  His political “thinking” is of such a nature that one can become equally informed by gleaming wisdom and insight from teen created video blogs and Facebook discussions.  This week, however, Stewart asked by sheer common sense inquisitiveness, and by the grace of the law of averages, the precise  questions that lead to much needed answers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Official Atlas Shrugged The Movie (part one) movie poster

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Fifty years plus have passed since Ayn Rand published her masterpiece of philosophy and Romantic literature.  Fifty plus years later and Conservatives still do not get Atlas Shrugged, nor do they apparently care to.  To paraphrase the epithet that Conservatives love to apply to the anti  Palin mentality, a label that has already become a worn out cliche — the traditional Right has spent the past fifty  plus years wallowing in “Rand Derangement”.

This derangement takes the form of the typical Conservative’s pathological need to distance themselves from Rand while simultaneously recognizing her influence, her prescience, and her grasp of ethical  and ideological truth.  Fifty plus years of history validating Ms. Rand’s premises and prophecy cannot be evaded, even by the Masters of Evasion within Conservative circles.

No one today can,  with either a straight face or with intellectual honesty, fail to acknowledge Mr. Rand’s achievements.  Those achievements can be and are still, however,  misrepresented, appropriated, and maligned — particularly by those threatened most by the ideas themselves.

I’m speaking of course of Religious Conservatives who evade the reality of Ayn Rand’s ideas so as to hide from themselves their own ideological bankruptcy.  I speak also of Conservatives who know full well that traditional Conservatism is as dead as the ghosts and corpses it tries to worship.

One week from tomorrow (4/15/2011) part one of a three part film version of Atlas Shrugged will be released to a movie going public.  That public has been saturated in treacle, terror, timidity, and toneless banality for so long it mistakes rehashed comic book plots and overly redone thirty year old classic films as original, entertaining,  and risky.

Those who attend such inane films (usually  in vain attempts to find in these movie’s moderately romantic style of story telling some form of original thought and some heroes to admire and aspire to be) will finally have the opportunity to enter  Galt’s Gulch.

True to form for Conservatives, the reviews, near reviews, reviews of reviews, and non review hatchet jobs are in — and ain’t they pretty? Read the rest of this entry »

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Once again, the Left’s attack dogs in media and entertainment continues their campaign against female conservatives (and women in general) by substituting misogynistic schoolyard name calling for reasoned debate and skipping genuine criticism for the sake of elitist, nitpicking  faux outrage over verbal gaffes.

In response to the messiness of recent misogynist ad hominems against Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and others by an illustrious line up of reasoned, critical political scholars that include second rate comedians and fifth rate nearly unemployable wannabe journalists (Bill Maher, George Lopez, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, leading Conservatives miss the big picture.

Many Conservatives are baffled by what has become known as Palin Derangement; a bizarre fixation by the Left on all things female and Conservative.  many cannot grasp the reason that intelligent, beautiful, Conservative women fill the Left with dread.

In their columns for Fox News.com writers Penny Young Nance and Angela Tantaros offer the usual Conservative talking points — a mixture of bewilderment, genuine insight, and evasive sidestepping of the main issue. Read the rest of this entry »

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It is likely that most persons have lost interest in the madness that is the government vs. taxpayer melt down in the  state of Wisconsin. As well they should have, it had become nauseating.

The sheer lunacy of State (or federal) employees contriving a self serving,  phony,  yet epic battle of good vs. evil so as to grab or hold on to handouts, kickbacks, or extorted wealth has become so commonplace throughout the country it had ceased to have much immediate relevance.

This coming from a blog written out of  Albany, NY — a state  capital that is the gilded perfection of the government employee’s entitlement mentality.

When public employees (read that: government workers)  bicker, barter, blackmail, or ball out their own “employer”, the state (or the fed),  an ’employer’ that is ostensibly a collection of  fellow workers since the actual employers are the tax payers it is, however,  always troublesome.

The Wisconsin Meltdown, a nightmare one could not have conceived of pre Tea Party,  is of course a trial balloon with national import.

It was worth the effort then to keep eyes and ears attuned just in case things heated up, if they took on new dimensions and,  most crucially, if any truth actually seeped out between the soundbites and faux outrage.

Such truth has seeped out of the mouths of the self entitled bastards in Wisconsin’s largest  State employees union.

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Wisconsin Senator hiding out over the border thought he’d hide from his job…not so much

Video courtesy of the Rock Ford Tea Party (on youtube)

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In the wake of today’s horrendous attack which killed a Federal Judge, a nine year old child, and has left a question mark over the life of a Congresswoman from our home state of Arizona,  Hadenough.us hopes for and calls for a still quiet on the home front of ideological rhetoric.  For so long now an ominous  trend towards  hostility and (implied) threats has prevailed in our nation’s political and ethical public discussion.

Republicans, Democrats; Liberals, Conservatives; Libertarians, Progressives; Tea Party, America: We are better than this.  Read the rest of this entry »

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