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How did admirers of nineteenth century classic liberalism with its emphasis on individualism, freedom, personal responsibility  become advocates for the supremacy of the State?  Why would supposedly rational and honorable people come to champion heavy doses of control over personal decisions, and become advocates of economic and social policy that leads any rational person to his own personal “what the fuck” moment”?  How did so many come to sell their souls to crony capitalism and fascist dictate?

When our Republic survived the nearly suicidal Civil War and the quasi-failure of  Reconstruction, the public and its institutions faced an existential crises.  The American people, black and white alike, were left weary and confused.  We came to ask ourselves one overriding question:  Why?  How did we come to fight a bloody, wasteful, and meaningless battle amongst ourselves over institutions and seemingly obscure notions like “states rights”?    Instead of answering difficult questions regarding the role of the State, the nature and the intent of the separation of powers amongst the branches of government, and the means to assure maximum freedom amongst rational and honorable men; we   repeated the errors of the past, and chose to go about replanting rotted trees while failing to see the still healthy forest burning down around us.  If we are to continue as “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” we MUST address those issues now, while there is still time to save the Republic from the philosophical errors undermining our Constitution and rotting it from the inside.  Our precious  nation  which a handful of wealthy Europeans once considered worthy of risking their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to create is perishing from a cancer.    It is a  cancer  of intellectual laziness, fundamental arrogance, and cynical betrayal of values. We are at a critical point of no return as a result of  our failure to protect our freedom and liberties from the cancer that we once knew would “continue until …  …resisted with words or with blows..or with both.” (former slave and presidential canditate frederick douglas).   The cancer of  the mentality that demands we sacrifice freedom to security, wealth to equity, and common sense to the whim of the State has led us to a nearly comedic crossroads of history.

The nation once considered the land of liberty and mother of exiles welcoming the world with  a “lamp beside the golden door” suffers from a  labor and moral deficit while over half of the male population whose forefathers were dragged here in chains are incarcerated by the so called compassionate state and their infants endure a deliberate genocide caused by a morally corrupt health policy.  We celebrate with (justified) pride that we are a nation of immigrants while we wage a phony war of policy wonks over our southern border.  A cancer is devouring our values.  It is a cancer of hypocrisy and ignorance.  We must face down the enemy of freedom and the killer of Man, and to do that, we must come to understand its soul.

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Posted March 1, 2010 by cchashadenough

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