On tax day Atlas begins shrugging in a theater near you   Leave a comment

April 15th, 2011

Around the country fans of Ayn Rand’s prophetic masterpiece will converge on movie theaters to begin their journey to Galt’s Valley.   New fans will also learn of Rand’s vision.  These fans — old and new — will continue a journey that began more than fifty years ago, one which will alter our world and begin it anew.

Atlas Shrugged — the Movie:  Part One.  54 years in the making.  A movie epic that, along with the written word which  preceded and informed it, will stop the motor – one mind at a time.

Words do not adequately convey the enormity of the effects (both obvious and also hidden) that the novel Atlas Shrugged has had on our culture — on the readers who, when reading Rand for the first time, discover that there are indeed others who share their own unique view of the world.

These effects will be magnified exponentially when the movie going populace — saturated as they’ve been with cloying, uninspired, and boringly obscene drivel comprising much of mainstream film making — see in living color a world that is possible to them.

Much gratitude and appreciation is owed to the intelligence, imagination, and determination of Ms. Rand, an Immigrant American writer who fought the entirety of Modern Culture — and won. Just as much appreciation and recognition is due to the producers, cast and crew who dedicated their talent and  efforts to bringing their vision of Atlas Shrugged to the screen.

The optimism, determination, and pride which pervades the actions and the emotions of the heroes of Atlas Shrugged is the very thing we are sadly lacking today. It creates the best parts of a moral culture.  It is truly unfortunate that many do not these traits, and are trying to stifle them in others.

When Atlas finishes shrugging — when today’s Producers and visionaries have thrown off the vile, contemptible, and pitiful deficit of values that the nation has endured for nearly seventy years, our culture and we as individuals will understand in full what it means to be human — and to be heroes.

Demand Atlas Shrugged Part 1 in Albany!
Atlas Shrugged Part 1 in Albany - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

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