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I watched an interview with Democratic strategist Doug Shoen where he questioned the judgment of House leadership in regards to the process of advancing Obamacare, and was left with a question pricking at the back of my mind:  Are Democrats who are pursuing the clearly suicidal path of health care reconciliation evil or mentally ill?  Despite the fact that every major poll shows the public solidly against the current “health care reform” proposal- Democrats push on with  the nuclear option (and it will indeed be nuclear AND radioactive for them).  Despite the fact that the Parliamentarian in the House has assured them that they MUST accept the current Senate bill, as is, with an up or down vote-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggests they will “deem the Senate bill as passed”  (though it is not, as the Constitution requires, law), and move on.  Despite the fact that the bill is unacceptable to enough Democrats in the House to prevent its passage, Democrats will push themselves off the cliff  as they press the proverbial red button.  Why?

Enough has been written and bloviated about regarding the political game-playing of the Dems; their insistence on not making themselves and the President failures and irrelevant.  I want to examine the broader issue of competence, sanity, and ethics.  Are the Progressives in Washington in fact immoral or at least crazy?

Assuming that an  ethics derived  from integrated and consistent   principles  appropriate to man’s survival qua man– is available to us;  one must ultimately arrive at an ethics of rational self interest rather than one of commandments or rules from some outside dictate.  If so, what can we make of those who would wish anyone to approve of immoral behavior with the justification that they will appreciate the result later? On trial from floor of the House of Representatives is the premise of ” the ends justify the means” and the mentality which accepts that horrible principle–with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as defense attorney.

As I will always assume people are telling the truth until there is evidence otherwise, and as I assume that people believe that what they are saying is IN FACT the truth-I can only come to one conclusion, that Congressional supporters of the Obama plan are both willfully evading the fact that this health care plan IS disastrous both fiscally and morally, and that it is overwhelmingly rejected by most Americans. More importantly, they are evading their own secret ethical belief-that they can wish away their oaths, their constituents wishes, their own guilt, and reality with the wave of their hands and obscure procedural moves.

Ignorance of facts due to lack of knowledge is not a moral failing, but willfully ignoring them is.  Unawareness of  the situation one is in in due to missing or  withheld information is not failure to face and accept reality, but denying the evidence of one’s senses and one’s own judgement and pressing on with a self destructive path is tantamount to mental instability and should be a wake up call to seek diagnosis and treatment.  Unfortunately for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid,  and their ilk  such care will elude them if Obamacare becomes the law of the land.   Supporters of this plan in elected positions are soon to count themselves amongst the unemployed (and there will be scant few doctors willing to treat crazy ex-gov’t villians.)

It may come as a surprise to many, but I believe progressives  when they say they are willing to lose their offices to for the sake of  America.  I believe them when they say that they believe the time is now, and that nothing must stand in the way of the “greater good”.  Furthermore,  I believe them when they say that they will allow nothing to stop them- including the Constitution,  their own governing rules,  or the will of the people.  Pelosi, Obama, Lindsay Graham, Harry Reid, and the rest of the progressives on the Left and the Right are ideologues and Statists-nothing matters but the will of the State as determined by its elite. They will act for what they deem the good of the nation, regardless  of the fact that  no objective good can come from sacrificing our livelihoods, our sovereignty, or our rational judgment.

Why?  Are we to assume that wealthy, obviously self-righteous,  and frequently corrupt politicians have suddenly abandoned their own interests and are prepared to go home and retire while the nation celebrates one last gift from them?  Where is the logic in that?  I propose that something more insidious is afoot.

It is apparent to anyone who is paying attention that supporters of Obamacare are pursuing a course which will lead to massive electoral losses, Constitutional challenges, and possible criminal indictment for many of them.  One must conclude that they simply do not wish to know it, that they can ignore the circumstance they are up against and that it will work out by some magical “somehow”–they have great hope.  They are willfully evading the absolutism of reality and are hoping to get away with that contradiction.

Regarding the plan for health care, Pelosi begs for us to have faith, that Congress simply has to “pass it so you can know what’s in it”.  Ms. Pelosi, considering your obvious desire to do anything you can to get it done, legal or otherwise, it isn’t exactly in our interest to have faith in you.  Regarding the procedural trick of “deeming passed”, House members assure us we’ll forget the procedure and appreciate the result far in the future, when the benefits of Obamacare wash over us and relieve us of our stupidity (since we must be stupid, as democrats claim we are against the bill because we don’t understand it).  Regarding the morality of  passing this plan, House members are persueing procedural hari kari because they don’t want their yeas or neas attached to a bill no one in America with any self respect wants.

Yet, they keep on.

Ayn Rand described  this phenomenon in her masterpiece, the nearly prophetic Atlas Shrugged, when her hero John Galt, announces to the nation the source of its cultural and economic collapse, its basic evil-

“that nameless act which all of you practice, but struggle never to admit; the act of blanking out…the refusal to think–not blindness, but the refusal to see; not ignorance, but the refusal to know…the act of unfocusing your mind and inducing a fog to escape the responsibility of judgement–on the unstated premise that a thing will not exist if only you refuse to identify it.”

This, she consistently and persuasively argued, was the cause of all human atrocities ever committed.  It will be the cause of our own cultural and economic collapse  if we fail to open our eyes and to use our independent judgment.  We must  ascertain the circumstances WE are facing,  and  use reason to fix that which is wrong.  If we fail to;  if we refuse to see– to know– to think – we are no better than those who came before us and fell into the same trap.  If so,  we will deserve Obamacare-and all that will come from accepting its basic premise.

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Posted March 13, 2010 by cchashadenough

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