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Did I miss the memos from the White House and Congressional Quarterly in which Democrats admitted that their philosophical Emperor of progressive taxation has no clothes?  Did Christianity’s Holy See forget to send out their letter of resignation in the last issue of Guidepost?  How could there have been a second Renaissance and yet the Enlightened New York Times fails to report it? Have the alleged defenders of values — Progressives and Religionists — not heard that their preachers and prophets have admitted defeat, have admitted they’ve been promoting a mirage, and have acknowledged that their agenda is dead?

The extension of the Bush Tax cuts signed into law on Friday by Bush’s  successor, President Obama, and the Vatican’s dropping of the blanket ban on condom use by Catholics may well appear on the surface to be mere political maneuvering — an ethical compromise to achieve larger goals.  To some it may seem that these decisions are an embrace of common sense practicality, to be praised as a bold move forward via a bit of mind opening about difficult issues which needed to be addressed.

Most will say that these two seemingly unrelated events are ostensibly similar only because parties with longstanding differences of opinion have found a middle way compromise.

Nearly no one would argue that the two events are connected by one philosophical premise or that the actions of Pope Benedict,  Congress, and President Obama  have any larger philosophical implications.

Like I said – nearly no one.

Allow me to make the argument that Progressivism and Catholicism have tossed out their intellectual foundations and have handed over the reins of moral authority.

Neither can ever again claim to have philosophical justification.   By their own hands, and by their own acknowledgment,  each are dead ideologies.  The Church of Liberalism as well as the literal Church have committed suicide.

When the central premises of a philosophical system are found to be flawed or internally inconsistent the premises must be amended in order for the framework to hold and for premises that are dependent on this framework to retain validity.

When these central premises are found to be false, the entire system must be discarded.

When the premises are discarded or discredited by the philosophy’s spokesman or leaders themselves, this is an acknowledgment that the system has been abandoned.

Progressivism as a pseudo philosophy is dependent upon its Keynesian economic theories, which are derived primarily through Marx’s social theories.  Progressivism is promoted directly through its social theories, most crucially its social justice agenda of racial collectivism and economic redistribution.

Catholicism (and thus much of Christianity) is dependent upon its mystic views about the Universe and Man, most crucially its views on Original Sin, and its replacement of reason with faith as the means to  acquire knowledge. In regards to the application of these core premises, their acceptance by Catholics – their epistemological justification, is dependent upon the Catholic dogma of Papal Infallibility – the dogma that the Pope, in defining and in dictating Church law, is infallible and is a stand in for Christ.

In American politics, the Progressive Left has consistently attacked the Conservative low tax/limited regulatory/trickle down model as so called “voodoo economics”, yet have failed to  provide any theoretical or practical counterargument against Conservative economic theories.

By extending the Bush Era Tax Cuts (keeping taxes as they currently are), and by defending them with an by acknowledgment that the lower taxes will keep down unemployment and will  lower costs for the middle class, the Left has admitted that the Keynsian economic model — the economic foundation of Progressive thought —  is in fact a fantasy.

Were this not so – if in fact they believed their own economic theories, why abandon them?  Are they saying that they believe their theories are in fact correct, that higher taxes will help, but they will support lower taxes, and enable Republican support for them – for no purpose?  Are they saying they are abandoning the interests of Americans for political purposes? Of course not.

The Left has simply admitted that the practicality argument lay with the Republicans, and now appeal to what they deemed (and have always deemed to be) a higher authority — ethics.

Republicans — with moral support from the bulk of the American Citizenry via the Midterm elections – called the Left’s bluff.  And the Left backed down.

The Left continues to acknowledge the that the lower tax rates will help middle class America, and they had admitted this truth prior to the current vote.  However, the Left now attempts to hold hostage America’s  future by vilifying the Right, engaging in a rhetoric of class warfare and claiming that Republicans are behaving  immorally and are supporters of the Rich at the expense of the middle class. They now attempt to employ in open a method they have always used by stealth — an appeal to morality.
By doing so, Progressives  admit that the psuedo economic justifications for their redistribution policies (and the moral bullying which they have employed to force acceptance of these policies) over the past seventy years were and are matters of faith, resting upon moral blackmail.

What the left now claims is “we were and are wrong in practice, but who needs practicality — let’s not be immoral”.

In Christianity in general, and in Roman Catholicism in particular, authority rests with the Church’s declaration of absolute and immutable moral truths.  The Church’s authority, of course, rests on the decisions and the declarations of the sitting Pope.

According to Church Doctrine, Papal opinion on Church law and in interpretation of scripture is to be considered sacrosanct  because, in Church originated interpretation of scripture, Peter was the first leader of the Jerusalem Church and, in words attributed to Jesus “upon this rock I will build my Church”. This is the doctrine of Papal succession.

Further, Papal authority is to stand unchallenged in  matters of faith and Church law due to the Church originated theory of Papal Infallibility – that is, in these issues the Pope can make no errors as he is a literal stand in for the words of Christ.

The current Pope’s open permission for  Catholic’s to use condoms, reflected in his comments in Light of the World,  as a means to prevent sexually transmitted diseases whether or not such use would ultimately prevent pregnancy, is in direct opposition to prior Papal Declarations – most notably Population Progressio and In Human Vitae.

Until the assumption of the Papal Seat by Pope Benedict XVI  in 2005, ethics were deemed by the Church to be immutable — handed down and dictated by the Deity.  According to Church doctrine, corrupted as they are by original sin, individuals are not capable or permitted to make ethical decisions according to an application of reason and self interest, but by the grace of God, guided by the wisdom of church law.

The Church (and religiously minded political conservatives) have consistently maintained that in ethical matters it is necessary, as much as is possible,  to  limit or restrain the individual from making choices according to his best judgment by an application of reason according to his own self interest. Conservatives and religion in general have historically argued that this restraint prevents a relativistic ethical system.   They have claimed that the options, in ethical fundamentals, are rules decided by others to be accepted by authority and designed to benefit others, or a system where each individual decides for himself what is the good – for himself.  Both claim that the latter option must necessarily mean that the decisions be made without reference to others, to reality, and cannot be determined by reason, and so man is left to his devises – and thus anything goes.

These two false alternatives, derived primarily from a cultural acceptance of the absurd doctrine of original sin, ignore the possibility of an ethical system designed for man, by man, to benefit man, and based upon man’s nature.  They ignore the reality that morals are not an arbitrary set of rules which man may avoid or adhere to at his own discretion, but rather are man’s tool of survival.

The Roman Catholic Church, in its decision to drop the ban on condom use in order to prevent a fatal sexually transmitted disease, has admitted that the false alternatives it has consistently presented as the ethical options open to Man are indeed false alternatives.

The Church has, in acknowledging that each individual is responsible to protect and to further his own life by his own decisions, has begrudge only  admitted that ethics must be determined in reference to reality, man’s needs and his nature, and by each individual according to his own rational interests.

The Church has given Man his due and, in embracing Man’s fundamental nature – his faculty of reason – has embraced the principles of the Renaissance.

In doing so, however, they have abandoned their foundational premise of ultimate authority in ethics.  By acknowledging that their ban on condom use has been an error, they have acknowledged that the Church – and the Pope, can make errors.  If the Pope is literally, according to doctrine, a stand in for Christ, then either Christ – through the Pope, had made an error prior to Benedict’s interview about condom use, or Benedict himself has made that error now – and so has Christ. If the Church is to be consistent they must now declare that Christ is in error, or that they are and thus Papal Infallibility is a falsehood.

The Progressive Left in America, and the Church through the Pope abroad, have begun the steps necessary to begin a second Renaissance, they have acknowledged the falsehood of deriving truth from claims of authority, they have admitted that the fundamental precepts of their respective faiths are in fact illusions, and have handed over their unholy grip on ethics – to Man and to Reason.

Thank you Pope Benedict, Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, and all those who act upon faith and force — and take a step to far.

May the second Renaissance begin

also published at hadenough.us blog on the battlefield of ideas

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