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Progressives in both parties, be they progressive on social or economic issues (or both) worship at the alter of collective rights and graze at the trough of collective responsibility.  The progressive soul has demanded that his vision of the universe be codified into public policy.  Most crucially, he wishes his view of man, reality, and ethics be entrenched in the psyche of all his victims. He demands deification of the State, with the elite (namely, him) as its high priest delivering its edicts and moral code from on high.  The Progressive wishes the history of his movement to be forgotten; entrenched as it is in eugenics, social  Darwinism, fascist dictate, and a multitude of militaristic actions abroad and social unrest and economic depression at home.  It is in his interest that America forget its history so that he may engrave its future in his image.  He wishes us as individuals to refuse to ask key questions, lest he be forced to answer them.

key questions to ask:

If conservatives, Republicans,  Libertarians, and the Tea Party  movement are primarily influenced or inspired by “racism”, why would the Republican party be fundamentally opposed to serious reformation/removal of policies related to taxes, regulation of the economy, affirmative action, Medicaid and Medicare, and Social Security-as well as the bailouts and nationalization of key industries?  What are the specifics of their willingness and desire to support these programs/policies which are objectively “progressive” and supported by “mainstream” minority America?  What is the fundamental principle involved in the specific policies, and why would the Republicans at least ostensibly support them against the desires of the bulk of the membership?

If Progressives, Democrats, and social liberals are primarily supportive of individualism, racial equity, freedom, and personal liberties why would they advocate for health policy which result in the abortion of half of black pregnancies, defense policy which significantly lessens our ability to control our borders or defend us from outside aggression, social policy which results in the lack of legal protections/recognition of the relationships of gay Americans,  and education policy which hampers the ability of parents to provide effective  and quality education for their children?

If the two parties are diametrically opposed on “progressive” issues regarding the economy, race, health care, taxes, regulation, and national defense-then how is it that an allegedly “racist” , “ignorant”, “illiterate”, and “fringe” group of supposed malcontents have controlled the agenda for the last several years-changed the debate from policy to principles, and left both parties scrambling to pick up the pieces and Republicans are for once unified in opposition to the “progressive” agenda-despite the fact that they have failed in any measurable regard to slow the course for the last sixty or so years?

What has happened within the two parties, and what is it that has moved America’s once United States to take sides in the most crucial issues of its “culture war”—the war of progressivism vs. Capitalism—the war of collectivism vs. individualism?

The issue that has brought us to this tipping point is not politcs, it is not the race of our current Commander in Chief, it is not health care, and most crucially-it is not our current second Great Depression.  History has shifted us to a new paradigm where its players are debating principles, ethics, and economics.  History has been moved as it always is by the nearly forgotten motor of the world—that motor is philosophy.  We are finally– from the keystrokes of social media to the halls of congress, from kitchen tables to the signs at political rallies—engaging directly on a national scale about the guiding philosophy of our Republic;  What was our philosophy at our founding, and what is it now—and what will it be in the future?  Our nation has come to age…just in time to save the Republic from the Cancer which has been killing her.  The Cancer is Collectivism and the motivating spirit of this illness is mysticism and its hatred of mind and man.

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Posted April 15, 2010 by cchashadenough

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