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Memorial day, 2011 – dems disgrace america’s fallen   Leave a comment

RIP American republic

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Today was the day we were to remember and honor America’s fallen.

Just a few months ago Democratic House members chose to disgrace that noble body they sit in as well as  our fallen heroes by taking a big slice out of the spirit of the Constitution from which our leaders get their authority.

Each of us owe our liberties to the Constitution. That inspired document is the thing our fallen have given their lives to preserve and protect.

On this Memorial Day I fear for my nation and our Republic if the spirit of a resolution introduced by House members regarding anti Muslim speech and bias is accepted by Congress (or by the people).

Representatives John Conyers, Jr., Andre Carson, and Hansen Clarke chose in  March to introduce a resolution in the people’s House of Representatives that stinks of authoritarianism, tyranny,  and censorship.

Congressional Resolutions define the sense of life of that body. 

H. RES 283 states that the members who sign on to it are

expressing the sense of Congress that the federal government should take steps to counter anti-Muslim sentiment

that this anti Muslim sentiment

should be addressed by official government policy

which would

take steps to counter the growth in anti -Muslim sentiments, targeted rhetorical attacks

[read the full resolution here.}

We must keep in mind that this resolution is

expressing the sense of the House of Representatives.

If accepted by Congress, our leaders will be acknowledging that they believe that the Federal government of the United States may, as it deems necessary, use the force of government policy and the mechanism of law to counter the sentiments and rhetoric of the people of the United States.

In other words, Congress would be stating in this resolution that speech by individual citizens of a free republic  may be countered (of course no clarity is given as to what ‘countering’ would entail) simply because some in Congress (or anywhere) might not agree or approve of the speech in question.

When a free nation has degenerated to such a point that Representatives of the people  expressly declare that they believe that they can and should ‘counter’ the sentiment or speech of that people, I worry for my nation.

When my leaders  do not grasp that they are violating the very document that they themselves derive their power from, and that they are shutting down voices of people who have chosen them , and yet are doing so in the name of ‘free speech’,  I fear for my Republic.


liberalism takes its last gasp   Leave a comment

In 1967, Professor Arthur A. Ekirch (1915-2000), announced that the American Left was on life support with his publication of The Decline of American Liberalism. In “Decline..”, Professor Ekirch, himself a Liberal, described the chaos and inconsistencies within the framework and the philosophy of American Liberalism, yet he offered no explanations and no solutions which might save the Left. I would like, in the wake of N.P.R.’s firing of Juan Williams, to say that there were and are no solutions, and to announce that as a political force and as ethical and philosophical theory, American Liberalism (and its underpinning, Progressivism) is no longer in decline. The plug has been pulled on the patient by the Left’s friends. Liberalism is dead. Read the rest of this entry »