Dreams of my president (part two): Speech to Special Joint Session of Congress – January, 2013   Leave a comment

Speaker (***), Majority Leader (***), Members of Congress, my fellow Americans.

I am deeply humbled to speak to you today. Unfortunately many  of our nation’s past leaders  were not so humbled by the authority granted to them by the people. The office of the President has been used by many of my predecessors simply to achieve power or to promote and implement their personal agendas,  despite overwhelming opposition from the people to this behavior . This opportunism of potentially great men – this abuse of a noble and humbling gift – to a great degree has helped bring our great nation to our current state of affairs.

The Presidency of America’s united states does not belong to any individual man or woman. It is a public trust granted by the people. They ask only that he or she lead them in wisdom and in good sense – while they themselves are  left free to live their lives and to pursue their own happiness.

Members of Congress:  your seats are also held in trust.  It is yours and my responsibility to make certain that we have earned that trust. Have we?

Our nation is held in the grip of an economic crisis the extent of which She and the world has not known for many, many, decades.

Few nations have experienced the depressing stagnation of spirit and the  strains on individual and family’s resources which the nations of the world and our own Republic have endured over the past number of years.

Economists call our situation “hyperinflation”.  I continue to call it a deflation of our identity and our values.

Members of Congress, we have failed our offices and have failed the people. It is time we earn back their support and trust. If we cannot earn back the people’s trust, we have no moral claim to the offices which they have entrusted us with. The people told us with their votes in 2010, as well as with last year’s election results, what they wished for us to do. Rather than submitting to the will of the people too many of us, as in the past,  have instead chosen to spend the peoples time and  wealth playing political games with their lives.

The games will end now.

The quest for power by America’s leaders has created a chasm between them and us. It has fractured our culture. Social groups are pitted against one another in a race to the bottom.   This betrayal of America’s values and her economic system has torn at our culture for one hundred years.

The  problems created by our political games have  been used as a moral weapon against political enemies and as a means to manipulate the electorate.  The political class  has chosen for decades upon decades  to engage in class, racial, and cultural warfare.

Both major parties have ignored every opportunity to face the ticking time bomb of entitlements, taxes, debt, and value deprivation, while taking every opportunity to generate mistrust and envy.

One of my predecessors sped up that bomb’s timer.

He thought he could save a faltering economy by abandoning its principles. He bailed out and bought out the very financial entities who by their moral default helped to create  our most recent economic problems – and he did it with the people’s money.

Rather than save our economy, he helped to collapse it.

You cannot abandon the principles of the free markets and expect that the markets will remain free or that the system will remain standing.

Nearly fifty years ago our nation dealt with economic problems far less severe than those of  today. At that time it was not an economic depression that  threatened America, but rather the specter which is the ideology that leads to Depression. In his nominating speech for his party’s failed candidate for the presidency, then Governor Ronald Reagan called the situation the nation faced a “time for choosing”.

My fellow Americans: the time for choosing has passed.

Ronald Reagan’s party decided to delay the choices between collectivism and Individualism – between freedom and slavery.

They postponed the choice between Capitalism and Statism and settled instead on slowing down the Collectivization of America in the name of compromise, expediency, and their own pursuit of legitimacy and power.

Rather than defending with moral authority the right of the individual to live for himself, the defenders of Capitalism chose to face down a single historical manifestation – the Soviet Union – of one competing ideology – Communism.

Our nation made the wrong choice.

We failed to take the more difficult, untrodden road.

We failed to challenge the ethics which lead to Communism and which built the Soviet Union, the same ethics which we have since followed and have led us to today.

Fifty years later reality has made our choice for us.

Reports are that unemployment is at twenty-eight point four percent. It is expected that this rate will increase further when the nations and foreign entities who have called in our national debt begin to collect on that debt.

They and we know that we are unable to fulfill our obligations.

My fellow Americans:  your government has spent trillions of dollars borrowed from our enemies – money  that your government intended  your children and grandchildren to pay.

While their future was being stolen the leaders who robbed them of this future thought that they themselves would retire into quiet prosperity.

These leaders chose to devalue your children and grand children’s lives.

They likely did not expect that their betrayals would catch up to them so soon, and that we would all pay in the here and now.

Your leaders printed outrageous amounts of currency in order to pay loans made to us by our enemies, and it destroyed our dollar.

Your leaders assured you that government, like the private sector, had to spend your money in order for you to make money.

Ladies and gentleman:  government does not operate by the same mechanism as business, nor can it succeed by the same practices. Your leaders promised you that if you allowed the results of your creativity and labor to be taken from you and given to others —  if you allowed us to spend the fruits of your hours, days, and years that this would somehow bring success and prosperity.

Reality has arrived to say otherwise.

Businesses and families still maintaining a livelihood are doing so under extreme deprivation. On the morning news we see that the unemployed stand in lines at government assistance offices and food banks many blocks long. Stimulus and unemployment checks have done little good.  There are very few working citizens left who earn or create enough to support the stimulus.  Just yesterday our local NBC affiliate here in Washington reported that the 7/11 in Falls Church – forty minutes from the Capitol – is selling gallons of milk at thirty-seven dollars apiece .

When the government created the federal value added tax it promised that this  would level the playing field. That field has instead been razed.

A trench has been dug around your families, blocking the path towards your future.

Your government promised you that the costs of health care would level off and that they would ultimately come down. You were guaranteed that more and more of you would find the coverage you desperately needed.

No doubt you have the utmost concern, as I do,  about  the murder outside of a Chattanooga Tennessee Hospital — and its aftermath.  A young woman had been denied an  evaluation for stomach pain because the Exchange Board had dropped her plan and she had not yet met the waiting period requirement for reenrolement.

She died at home from a ruptured appendix.

Her death is unconscionable. The woman’s siblings  shot and killed a medical technician and an administrative nurse who worked in the hospital. They will of course face justice.

Though they grieved for their sister, the acts of these two brothers were as evil as the bureaucratic and moral corruption that brought them to their grief.

There is no justice however for a twenty year old who dies of red tape tyranny from a bureaucracy we ourselves created.

The violence and the chaos that has ensued since her horrible death last week brings  to bear enormous pressure to address calamitous programs created over many, many decades.

We are prompted to take a hard look at irrational policies designed by foolish and shortsighted people.

Fifty years ago a man who would be President told his supporters and the nation that it was time to make a choice.

The time for choosing has passed.

It is now time to speak honest but painful truths.

We as a nation and we as individuals have been living on borrowed time, borrowed values, and borrowed money.

These were borrowed against reality’s uncompromising insistence that an individual and a nation cannot value for another, think for another, labor for another, nor live for another.

Reality and reason, in the form of our deflated culture and dead economy, have arrived to collect their dues.

A painful truth we now face is that if we do not bring stability and forward momentum to our Republic’s economy  She will never see prosperity again. She will surely fall as yet another victim of history —  a victim of leaders  who were unable to recognize their own errors and were unwilling to question their own false assumptions and corrupted ideologies.

Another painful truth confronting us is that we can no longer pretend that the intellectual poison of Collectivism which has infected  our culture for over one hundred years can somehow be retained and America as a unique nation yet still remain intact.

To that end I promise every American that I will not simply tweak or tinker with an existing policy or create new programs based on the premises of the old ones.  I will not  follow the same false premises that brought us here.  Too many of my predecessors, when facing challenges, have done precisely this, yet called it “change”.

This has been the standard practice of nearly every elected official in our past, including many from my own party.

The time for tough decisions has come, and not a day too soon.

I will not, as my predecessors have done,  play politics in order to avoid difficult yet necessary decisions.  I will not betray the values of my country, nor my own,  in order to retain support from individuals who have the same mentality of entitlement and envy that gave birth to our current crisis.

History is a profound teacher —  providing that Her  students are prepared to hear and to apply Her lessons.

Dealing with an economic  Depression far worse  than that which would later be felt in the Nineteen Thirties President Calvin Coolidge chose to make draconian tax and spending cuts of nearly fifty percent.

The pain was deep, but brief.

We are in far more difficult straits today.

Many more of our nation’s citizens rely on government for support than did during President Coolidge’s day.

I believe, however, that it is time for us to follow his lead, despite the temporary pain we will all inevitably feel, regardless of any particular income levels.

Staying the course and witnessing a vanished America and the elimination of freedom for Man  is the alternative, and it is unnaceptable.

The pain felt by President Coolidge’s cuts was, as I said,  powerful – but it was brief.

The longest period of sustained peace in human history followed those cuts.

His wisdom also led to a boom in innovation, discovery, invention, and prosperity unrivaled in Man’s history – the Nineteen Twenties.

The Roaring Twenties are a testament to the principle that when you free Man’s creative mind, free his economic choices, and release him from undo burden, anything is possible to him.

I intend to follow my predecessor’s example.

I expect members of Congress to systematically cut Federal spending over the next three years by thirty percent – as merely a start.

There will be a gradual, systematic reduction in services across the board. The exception to these cuts will be minor spending on the Courts, and moderate spending for the military, both of which are proper roles for government and are of course necessary for our safety and  security, and for justice .

Taxes on all individuals, regardless of income, will follow the same pattern of cuts, though at a higher rate of reduction.

I understand and I sympathize with the fear and pain that will inevitably be felt by your families and by individuals when these cuts eventually make their way to your  front door.

The nation cannot and will not survive however,  nor will many of  us as individuals,  without dealing with and facing Her errors.

Just as we in our personal lives must face the mistakes we have made — regardless of how successful we have been in our avoidance in dealing with them – a culture and a people must deal with their mistakes as well.  If we do not we will face the consequences of ignoring them.

Congress must act immediately on behalf of the American people. The people cannot wait any longer.

Members of Congress: I realize that many of you have lived well by capitalizing on the fears, the resentments, the complacency, and the sense of entitlement which  some of our citizens cling to.  There certainly are  businesses and their  owners, with whom you have mutual entanglements, that believe they are above the laws of civil authority and economic axioms.

These business owners  seek unearned success at the expense of their competition and at the expense of honesty, integrity, and decency.

They have used you to achieve this success, and you them. Your mutual parasitism has led to your mutual destruction.

I realize as well that many in Congress  have engaged in intellectual dishonesty and class warfare for the sake of political gamesmanship.

You have  capitalized on the fears, the resentments, and the outrage of the nation’s poor . This lower class has been used and manipulated by you.  They have been led by you to believe that they must rely on government in order to live and to get by.

You have promoted a sense of entitlement amongst them so as to cement their political support.  You have shown a far more cynical sense of entitlement than they, and have achieved a far greater benefit than they from that entitlement, all at the expense of honest and hardworking men and women on every rung of the economic ladder.

Those among this body who have done this have betrayed America’s core values  and are anathema to human dignity and human nature.

Those in Congress who have lived well as spiritual parasites on America while hypocritically baring the label of “leader” will undoubtedly attempt to block these necessary reductions in government power.

I am now on record stating that if these cuts are not passed by Congress, they will be made by me through executive order. Feel free at that point to challenge such orders in the Courts. These cuts limit government’s influence and reduce its power.  Such limits and constraints are the principles embedded in our Constitution, and I welcome the chance to defend them to the Courts.

I welcome with great hope the prospect that the Courts and the American people will ask and then answer  crucial questions that have faced the nation for so long, questions which informed the ideas of the men who founded Her:  “what are the limit of government power?”  — “what are the proper methods for men to deal with one another?”

Of those of you who sought power and who consistently sold out honor as well as the people, I wonder whether you wish to have these questions asked and then answered in this context?

My fellow Americans:  I do not seek such drastic reduction of government power and influence in your lives merely because I know that it  will work and will bring back your financial footing. These are byproducts of a larger goal for America.

America achieved the freedom and the success that is essential to her character because She once held true to the knowledge that Man is a noble creature. Our founders embedded in our principles and in our law the understanding that Man is capable of great things, providing that He is left free to pursue them.

In less than one hundred years men evolved from horse and carriage to space travel because their minds and their efforts were free from interference. America achieved unimagined freedom for individuals and she experienced a prosperity and a creativity that has never been equaled. This was her identity, and it will be again.

It is often observed that we live surrounded by a technological wonderland and glorious material achievement , yet we know that our ethics have barely moved past those of pre history’s savages who slaughtered one another for scraps of bread and a modicum of power over others.

It is my deeply held conviction that the creation of America and her Constitution might well have stimulated the evolution of ethics, providing that She had remained true to her character and her promise.

For far too long she has wandered away from the path our Founders laid down for us.

Imagine if you will what we might achieve, as developed as we are already, if we step back on the path which led to the Nineteen Twenties and to mankind’s incredible leap in material success.

Imagine also what we might achieve in our ethics and in our relationships with one another now that we know today what we did not know or understand then.

The freedom and the promise for America provided by our Founders in our Nation’s documents are still open to her.

History, of course, provides a road map.

The period of history known as the Renaissance was the rediscovery of reason. It was the rediscovery of ethics and of  man’s creative nature. Its fundamental ideas led in a straight philosophical line to the Age of Enlightenment and to the creation of the United States of America.

I call on every citizen to take the opportunity to join me in these troubled times to once again rediscover the creative power of man and the noble nature that each of us potentially hold as individuals.

Let us learn from this ongoing crisis. Let us begin America’s first Renaissance and restore her identity.

Reality and Reason – History and the future – have called upon us to seek our better nature.

If our current state – despite the massive spending and taxes we have thrown at our problems,  and despite our deep grasp of  economic principles and our deep understanding of human behavior – is any indication of where things will  end up if we remain on our present course, I believe that it is long past time we heed the call.

We have this chance and likely only this chance. There is only one logical choice.

Perhaps President Reagan was correct after all.

It is time to choose.

Let us choose to recognize  history’s call and to create a future worthy of America.  Let us restore America’s identity.

Let us discover the unknown ideal that was America’s promise. Let’s you and I together find our better nature.


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