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“Slavery is freedom. Colorblindness is racism. Smears are political arguments. Thugs are freedom fighters”. Orwellian projection regarding our descent into a statist utopia is a bit trite and obvious. Media narratives regarding the “racism” of the Right have become more so. Conservatives, Libertarians, and sundry Tea Partiers now dive into the muddied waters of the Left’s latest game of “marginalize political opponents with invective and secret coding.” Ominous foreboding for the November elections.

The lines are drawn in the ideological battle for America’s soul. Intimations of Racial Jihad stir the air when the likes of Minister King Samir Shabazz of the criminally insane New Black Panther Party (NBPP) screams ‘kill some of their{cracka’s} babies.

Conservative Talk radio and Fox News have entered the fray. News Commentator/legal analyst Megyn Kelley went into full attack mode this week, trading blows with fellow Fox cohort Kristen Powers. Powers appeared confused over the simplest of legal issues involving the 2008 case in which the NBPP and the brothers Shabazz are charged with violating the 1964 civil rights act by intimidating voters at the polls. Powers hadn’t even read the testimony of those involved. She did, however, read Attorney General Holder’s Justice Department’s “justification” for dropping the charges despite having won a default judgment.

Politicos, “experts”, and the like call these battles “political theater” at their own risk.

Unlike the faux, unwilling messiah of the comedic film “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” which portrayed a fictional contemporary of Jesus drafted for the role of “savior” , the media and politco presentation of Messianic roles for President Obama and his Congressional cohorts – that they are saving the world, is no accident or mirage. It is not hyperbole when Evan Thomas, editor of Newsweek, a propaganda tool posing as journalism declares Barack Obama “is sort of God.”: The nation’s Statists don’t just believe that they’ve found a savior’s protection from hateful Right Wingers. The Left’s racial assumptions would be simple to refute. The underlying issue is motivation. Statist Democrats wish absolution for their racist past and want to codify their racial assumptions through Federal law. They pose as saviors to grant to their supporters absolution for guilt which Leftists claim has been laid on the doorstep of the poor by Conservatives.

The Leftists are using the force of law through the Justice department’s new policy of ignoring racially motivated intimidation and fraud committed by minorities to justify the position held by some that minorities by definition cannot be guilty of racism. In addition, Lefties are bomb throwing with phony racism claims leveled by the Left wing machine at the Tea Parties to give moral absolution for their own errors, and they give free reign to their politically motivated racist supporters by declaring: “go ahead, embrace the hate, we’ll take care of you.”

This is not political theater or a move toward “Social Justice, as Glenn Beck, talk show host and Libertarian cum lately believes. “Social Justice” advocates are seeking absolution for their own moral crimes by political fiat.


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