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As this is being written, a partial revolution is happening in American politics.  A once in a lifetime, clearcut repudiation of a party’s agenda occurred in the midterm 2010 elections.  I say partial, not because there were not enough House wins for Republicans to provide a mandate undoing the Obama – Pelosi – Reid “hope and change” trifecta;  not because the Senate remains in Democratic control, offering our Republic a gridlocked Congress; certainly not because spot light Tea Party candidates failed to win key races.  It is a partial revolution because the message that was sent to Washington, to the “mainstream” (and thus clueless) media, and the two  main parties has apparently not been heard, if the reactions of the media, the pundits, and the parties are any indication.

The message was sent by middle America in 1980, with the birth of the Reagan Revolution that temporarily set aside fifty years of “hope and change'”.  That message was wiped away when Republicans failed at their proficiency to lipread George H. W. Bush.  Republicans, traditional conservatives, middle of the road and compromising politicians:   lips moving. do the math.

The same message was sent in 1994.  Newt Gingrich brought Republicans out of the shadows in the House of Representatives after seventy years.  He was rewarded by his party with a pink slip.

If the reactions of the parties and of the media are any indication, all too many “just don’t get it”.

Leave it to a  philosophically and rhetorically challenged hack at the Huffington Post to get it all wrong, and yet to get all the right things wrong.  leave it also to (presumably) the next Speaker of the House, the leader of the party to whom that message was primarily sent,  in his election night speech,  to get it all wrong as well.  When it comes to politics as usual in that swamp on the Potomac, unfortunately,  tone deafness is a zero sum game where We The People lose.

Mitchell Bard, non non-noteworthy  bologosomething for the Huffington Post, says “it makes no sense” that voters turned out in droves to vote for a party  “responsible for leaving the country in tatters, who are proposing the same failed strategies again, to fix the problem”.  No, Mr. Bard, it makes no sense that Progressives, as always, fail to hear from the American people, as per usual,  “we do not accept your Marxist and mystic nonsense that pretends to be economic theory”.

Mr. Bard finds it “irrational” to reward “the Republicans, who practiced strategic obstruction, putting political gain over finding solutions that would help Americans in need”.  Mr. Bard, it is irrational to push, with all evidence pointing  to the contrary, the article of faith amongst your party that Republicans were in any way able to obstruct anything for the past two years.  Your party had a filibuster-proof supermajority. It is beyond irrational to the point of absurdity to pretend that the vast majority of the public are asking for “solutions that would help Americans in need”.  We have been demanding, loudly – clearly – in the voices of tea parties in small towns and in cities across the country:  “stop ‘helping’ us and leave us the hell alone to live our lives and to prosper by our own effort”.

This brings us to the final of the “so wrong on so many right things”  which Mr. Bard pontificates about.  It is the crucial issue which unites the Democrat’s refusal to acknowledge the message of this election with the Republican’s refusal to comprehend it.  Three words: Tea.  Party.  Revolution.

Mr. Boehner, the presumptive House Speaker in the next Congress, calls this election “a repudiation of Washington … a repudiation of Big Government … and a repudiation of politicians who refuse to listen to the people” .  No, Mr. Speaker, it is a repudiation of two parties who speak in the rhetorical emotionalism  of  “economic freedom, individual liberty, and personal responsibility”, yet refuse to identify what those principles become when applied in practice.  Say it with me, Mr. Speaker, if you do not fear the word: “Capitalism”.

The Republicans have been running away from genuine capitalism like rats from the burning forest.  This while staring at the tree bark of “a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government” and “the spending sprees, the bailouts, the backroom deals”.  The Tea Party message was delivered to the Republican Party as well.  There is little doubt that they will ignore it if they feel they can get away with it.  “It is not the economy, it’s the principles, stupid”.

The Tea Party has announced, with this election, that they are blocking the exits.  There is nowhere to run.  If the party in power, in the body truly “representative” of the people, do not begin speaking to the people about the moral good that is Capitalism, instead of to their colleagues on the Potomac, the vote which just severely constricted and distilled the Democrats to their Socialist/Progressive essence will occur next time for Capitalism,  on the Republican side of the aisle.

If the Republican and Democratic parties, the corrupt shells who were once the voice of America and her moral mechanism of Capitalism, do not engage the public and have a  rational discussion on principles rather than policy, and make the unspoken premises of this election crystal clear,  the next time around, the people will just have to do it for them.  Then, finally, the alleged leaders in America’s representative government will finally have no option but to follow us.


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