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We’ve de-evolved from the nation of the Enlightenment to a nation enraptured with whim, random stimulation, self-delusion, and worship of the irrelevant.  Why?  We were once a culture that  prized individuality over conformity, ambition over sedate complacency;  and freedom, free will, reason, and integrity were valued above all.  How, then, have we allowed the criminal purchase of votes (which we used to call bribes) for nationalized health care if we value integrity?  Why do we condemn those who earn a living and embrace as  victims those who capitalize on the public dime if we respect ability and the right to excel and prosper?   Why have we sat back while those chosen to represent us use our own money to pay off themselves and their criminal partners when they are the ones who have put us on the path to  insolvency? How can it be that we smear, attack,  and demonize  those with whom we have honest differences in opinion when we claim to believe that every person must think for himself?  How is it we’ve come to sell our souls to the lowest bidder?

It was post-reconstruction, and pre-Depression-we were living in the Gilded Age where anything was possible.  America had created a brand new world, and a new type of individual:   It was the infancy of Capitalism and the golden age of the middle class and the self made man.  Enter the Progressive.  He beheld all that had been created, and he was sore afraid.  Where then, was the place at the table for he who believed in his divine right to rule—to maintain that to which he was accustomed free from worry or effort-to keep his authority and his standing without legitimacy-to assert his moral authority without moral accountability—to keep the power to try to force the minds of others?  A plan was hatched to destroy his enemy, and those who supported it.

First,  a victim was needed-someone sympathetic to root for while destroying that which protected any who refused to be victims.  Next, he needed semi guilty, yet naive co-conspirators.  The “noble” and “idealistic” progressive needed a human shield–and a straw man to knock down.

The Gilded Age, and that which followed, was a set–a stage for a grand morality play:  heroes and villains were cast– not to instruct us with moral lessons, but to tear out morality at its roots.

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Posted March 1, 2010 by cchashadenough

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