Series — Dreams of my President   Leave a comment is fortunate enough to have teamed up with friends who are doctoral students and Professors of Physics at a prominent American University.

These scientists have made a major breakthrough in technology by extrapolating on discoveries made recently by a major American laboratory, on premises developed by American theorists,  and also on radical rewriting of Einsteinean Theory by a recently discovered child prodigy. Our friends have developed a  prototype  for a technology that is able to transport digital information across the temporal pathways discovered in  experiments first conducted by the folks at the large Hadron Collider and at Fermilab.

Thanks to this technology, we are able to bring, for your education and amusement (in an un excerpted, unedited form) Presidential speeches and historically significant anecdotal information from late next year to several years hence.  We hope you enjoy this (reverse)  trip down (not exactly) memory lane.

[historians note:

the following are brief summaries of events as they led up to the various speeches given by President.{name extracted in final edit}.(…  ) to Congress and others. }

{editors note;

With the uncertainties and paradoxes now  known to arise from improper use of trans temporal digital interface technologies, chooses to censor proper names and certain identifiable features in this latest edit.] looks to the future with hope

Part One:  Foreign policy: Speech to The General Assembly of the United Nations:  March, 2013

Part Two: Domestic policy; Speech to Joint Session of Congress; January,2013

Part Three: Culture; State of the Union speech, January, 2013


Cap and Trade, stimulus, Obamacare, expiration of George Bush tax cuts, phase two of housing crash, and additional policies of the Democratic party (and Republican betrayals) have  escalated the crash in the U.S.

In 2010 and 2011 there are Republican landslides in the Congress, placing  both houses in Republican hands.

RHINOs being who they are, establishment Republicans (and many of the new faux Tea Party supported Republicans)  revert to form.

Small changes and improvements are made in tax and foreign policy — that is to say that the policies  stay as miserably ineffective and hypocritical as they were before.  The full effects of cap and trade, Obamacare, etc., are slowly beginning to be felt.

By the end of 2011 the nation experiences nearly full unemployment and  hyperinflation, there is a collapse of the dollar and it is abandoned as the world  reserve currency.  There are  drastic spikes in Islamic militantism;  malaise and resignation sets in almost everywhere — the world fears the worst.

By middle 2012, the crash in the U.S. is total.

In the U.S., formerly Progressive/Statist Republicans and Liberal/Progressive Democrats have embraced the message of the Tea Parties.   Tea Party backed candidates, as well as candidates who support the Tea Party mission, have brought large scale downsizing of Federal and State government  This has massively improved conditions in the U.S., but She is  no where near affluent or successful yet.

Economically things have  significantly improved, however,  elsewhere.

In January, 2013 the U.S. President addresses a Joint Session of Congress  to discuss the condition of the American Republic, on the future of  U.S. domestic policy, and on the nation’s plans for the future.

Meanwhile, the world community (outside of Western Europe and the U.S.), — Eastern Europe, African nations, South East Asia, Central and South America, and others,  have begun to see their fortunes rise as the full “benefits” of “global redistribution” comes to them.

As a result of tyranny felt at home, and out of curiosity borne from  observation of the collapse of the U.S. , many in the “world community” begin  educating themselves in history, economics, and the stated goals (and the history) of redistribution, social justice, and Islamicism.

The world comes to recognize the nature of genuine Capitalism, and what happens when Capitalism disappears.  They resent the position they have been placed in as non-consenting parasites on the body America.  Most of these “emerging ‘free’ nations” come to understand that their sudden  “success” is due to Statist “redistribution” schemes,  that this success is only possible because of millions of sacrificial victims in America.

These nations recognize that they themselves will be unable to produce enough wealth in their new infant economies to counter centuries of stagnation, and are still left at the mercy their own corrupt leaders .

Militant Islamists attempt to capitalize on the fears and frailty of the emerging nations through limited acts of violence and propaganda , focusing on previously taboo targets —  Saudi Arabia, China, Eastern Europe, and others.

The world begins to understand the threat of  Islamofascism.

Multiple, large scale attacks by militant Islamist groups  occur throughout the world; there are daily physical attacks on individuals by gangs and looters .

Panic spreads through Western and many non Western nations.  It has finally dawned on them that Islamofascism may come to their soil.  There are fears that there may well be no resources available to protect their own people.

Rumors percolate that America has given up on Capitalism, on her fight against radical Islam,  and on providing support for her allies.

Many worry (or celebrate)  that America is withdrawing from the world.

The US president, in late winter/early spring of 2013, speaks at a meeting of the General Assembly Of the United Nations.

{This series is, of course, a work of fiction.  A President capable of embracing  such ideas as are in these speeches — and communicating them–  is one we hope America will one day earn.

The series title is a paraphrase and distortion of the title and message of President Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father, which was written as an homage to his father, an avowed Communist.)


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