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It has been over a year since President Bush, that self professed champion of the free markets, chose to “abandon free market principles to save the free market system”.  With apologies to those rare creatures who  still cling to the notion that our former president and his party are still worth defending-how’s that free market workin’ for you these days? To  our current President and HIS party, while you are trying to set the sun and extinguish America’s morning, the theme in this video  is what is truly  meant by the words “yes we can”-  how about the Republic gets to keep its hope, and you can keep your change?

Hyperbole aside, there is cause for much hope.

The November elections look to be a history altering win for true free market conservatives-regardless of party affiliation. Team Pelosi/Obama/Reid and their Statist apologists amongst the blue dogs AND the Republican party will wake up to a brand new morning.  Americans are energized in ways we haven’t been in many, many decades.  Will we undo nearly one hundred years of economic and ethical cancer with one election?  Of course not.  We are, however, learning from and about history, and that is a hopeful indication of things to come.  We are discovering (or re-learning) the works of Hayek, Von Mises, Rand, Rothbard; we are inspired once again by Jefferson, Locke, Paine, and Adams.  Douglas and King’s missions and messages have taken on a more vital meaning and light in our so called “post racial” world.  Change is indeed coming–for that, thank you George Bush and Barack Obama.  America has embarked on a crucial and much needed civics lesson, and not since grade school have Americans been more prepared or excited.

The ethical, financial, and political upheaval of the last several years have pushed us to begin to talk about  personal responsibility, ethical principles, the role of government,  and the future of the Republic.  I for one am grateful beyond measure that we have begun this desperately needed discussion.  We are smearing each other,  griping, insulting one another, and frequently childish rants and name calling are being substituted for coherent and well thought out arguments-but we are talking to each other-finally.  Amid the din of hate, misdirection, and miscommunication there are ever more points of connection and commonality.  Social media have become the town hall of the twenty first century-and as the lamestream media have made themselves as reliable and trustworthy as our politicians and community “leaders”, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube could not have come at a better time.

Progressive nonsense and Statist plots will  be swept away to make room for real and lasting change.

The Tea party juggernaut (and yes, their venom spewing antagonists as well), the populist outrage inspired by Palin, Beck, Olberman, Mathews, Maddow and Limbaugh,  the collapse of California and the phenomenal election of Scott Brown is a rallying cry from America:  Washington, YOU need to wake up.  The alarm clock is buzzing.  Morning is coming once again.  It’s time for Statism to say  goodnight.//


Posted February 21, 2010 by cchashadenough

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  1. Well-done as usual.

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