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Two hundred thirty four years is a blink of an eye within the age of mankind, and it is many generations measured against the lifespan of an average individual;  it is an eternity, however, when measured by human freedom. 

We,  alone amongst nations, were founded on the notion that man-by his very nature-must be given sovereignty.  Our Founders understood that man must be left free;  free to achieve unlimited success  or failure limited only by his ambition, his abilities, and his willingness to earn by his own effort that which he desired. 

There are some who hold the myopic view that such freedom must be chained, lest others be trampled upon or fail to measure up by comparison to greatness. This pettiness of thought masquerades as enlightenment-but it hides a darker agenda.  Those who would seek to limit human potential operate under the false assumption that spiritual or material success comes at the expense of another; or that it must be regulated  due to some inherent evil in trade or in man.  Their very premise reveals a dark, bitter, and angry soul.  The soul of the Progressive.

A Progressive believes that a free, productive, and competent individual is an impediment–that men as an entity stand in the way of any man who is limited in either ability or ambition; limited due to supposed “institutional barriers” or “social inequities”.  A Progressive ultimately believes an individual’s social status at birth or his personal history chains him to the immediate moment and that he is  powerless to alter that course without “compassionate” help.  In short, he denies free will, reason, integrity, and self esteem, and wishes to collectivize the human soul and mold it to his whim.

To those who accept the notion that one’s standing at birth determines one’s place in the social order and in life–I ask, why?  Where were the barriers that would have prevented men in the United States to move from cart and horse to discovering the building blocks of matter in less than 50 years?  By what means of limitations did the nation which ended the millenia old practice of enslavement of individuals to manual labor and calling them property elect a descendant of an ethnic group which was once enslaved to the highest office in the land?

We were once the nation which declared it’s self-determination by proclaiming with justified pride that “all men are created equal”.  How then can we allow ourselves to degenerate into a culture obsessed with class structure and self serving racial tension?  Why would we  tear ouselves apart with the wretched smallness of chaining  individuals with wealth destroying  regulations,  an immoral taxation, and unconscionable mandates?

Man is-and will remain while he yet still walks the Earth-Aristotle’s “rational animal”.  America’s principles and what was her Founding Document are man’s greatest achievement.  We are the nation who brought a light into the darkness and ended the middle ages–with the lamp of liberty. self determination, and Capitalism.  The establishment of a free republic on what was to Europe virgin soil proceeded from centuries of stagnation, bloodshed, class envy, and mind destroying control from the “elites”.  The tyranny of the middle ages claimed that man’s mind and his body must be regulated and proscribed lest his potential be unleashed.  It was. Corruption and philosophical drift are threatening to chain it once again.

There are some, either through ignorance or worse, who will complain that America’s success and her stature are  tainted or negated because our Republic was founded by wealthy white slave owners.  Such small mindedness forgets that tyranny knows no racial group.  It also forgets that wealth (barring legal interference) tends to flee from megolomaniacs and morons and into the hands of the competent and the rational-be they industrialists or shopkeepers.  Finally, it forgets that America alone ended (at least in places with respect for law and ethics) the notion of humans as property when she declared the Rights of Man and later waged a bloody battle which ultimately  corrected the unfortunate compromise made to secure her founding.

In 1776, wealthy Americans–having petitioned, begged, and pleaded for decades to their Crown and Parliament that they end the tyranny of the elite–threw of the yolk and embarked on the Great American Experiment.  Man had declared his self worth and his right to exist unmolested.  Though it could have happened anywhere, it could only have happened following the rediscovery of man’s rational faculty which occured  thanks to the Enlightenment.

With just their land, their principles, and their ambition now-dead rich old white men erected the most noble nation on Earth.  Empires,Dictatorships, and ridiculous phony republics have been established and then have failed over and over again (as reality demands they must).   America stll stands  as the beacon of reason and freedom she has ever been.  Her values beckon to men and women throughout the globe who are  ensnared in their own land’s hate and political systems.  No race, no ethnicity, no religion, no language or ideas are denied entry assuming those who wish to be here honor OUR laws and values.

Although we have made many, many errors we remain the demonstration of man’s potential which owes no apologies and requires no defense.  Our success, our achievements, our principles and our benevolence ARE our justification.

The United States of Americaa are facing their darkest hour today as the haters of man’s mind and its full potential shout from the rooftops, from our media, and from our once honorable institutions:  get thee once again to the shackles.  Now is the time for all of us, regarless of afilliation or personal history to question with boldness those who would claim man has no right to exist for his own sake.  “why must I bear the blame for another’s errors?”  “why must I bear the burden for another’s inadequacies or evils?”  “why must I stifle  our future generation’s prosperity for a cheaper loaf of bread today?” 

Why are we allowing the anti-intellectual, anti-life, anti-man human equivelant of viruses to take down our future with nonsensical plans and demands for “change”?  When will we  challenge once and for all  the nature of that change and demand they validate the truth of their ridiculous claims?  It is high time we stand with the courage of our convictions and the strengh of our resolve and say firmly: No.

From the first man who walked the Earth to the cradle of civilization–from the Exodous to the Middle Ages–from the beaches of Normandy to the sands of Afghanistan  the rational animal’s mind is crying out  louder than ever:  “I will not be shackled”!  We must stand firm and say “enough”.  It is time to create a maelstrom of keystrokes, envelopes,  phone calls, and ballot drives and proclaim without fear or apology that every man’s soul must be free from interference from other men.

History’s cycle of amnesia is threatening once again to wipe out the flame of liberty and the light of reason.  As the poet Dylan Thomas said:  “Do not go gently into that good night”.

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Posted April 15, 2010 by cchashadenough

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