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as published on examiner.com

Once again, the Left’s attack dogs in media and entertainment continues their campaign against female conservatives (and women in general) by substituting misogynistic schoolyard name calling for reasoned debate and skipping genuine criticism for the sake of elitist, nitpicking  faux outrage over verbal gaffes.

In response to the messiness of recent misogynist ad hominems against Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and others by an illustrious line up of reasoned, critical political scholars that include second rate comedians and fifth rate nearly unemployable wannabe journalists (Bill Maher, George Lopez, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, leading Conservatives miss the big picture.

Many Conservatives are baffled by what has become known as Palin Derangement; a bizarre fixation by the Left on all things female and Conservative.  many cannot grasp the reason that intelligent, beautiful, Conservative women fill the Left with dread.

In their columns for Fox News.com writers Penny Young Nance and Angela Tantaros offer the usual Conservative talking points — a mixture of bewilderment, genuine insight, and evasive sidestepping of the main issue.

Nance suggests that genuine misogyny mixed with double standard plays a part in the left’s diatribes, especially when it comes to the refusal of Feminist leaders to condemn what are clearly unacceptable insults — even for comedians.   Tantaros insists that this is merely a gasping, dying p0st success Feminism turned cynical power lust seeking relevance and biting at the powerful Conservative women who have yanked relevance and support from it.

While these are entirely accurate descriptions of the emotional states of “thinkers” on the Left in regards to specifically female Conservative ascendancy, the derangement and the targets go a bit deeper — to the core of what the Left believes themselves to be.  As has been noted by others, the existence of female Conservatives fills the Left with a form of cognitive dissonance — they cannot imagine that such a creature exists.

The Left’s intellectuals and quasi intellectuals have committed themselves to this end game of “whack a right wing chick” as a final hail Mary out of pure Existential panic.  Progresssivism and Statist ideology are dead, and the Left knows it.

The choice of a female running mate for John McCaine in the battle against now President Obama was a warning bell that something might be afoot in Conservative circles.  The rise of secular Conservatism and Libertarianism via the Tea Party is a four alarm siren  sounding in that reptilian, fight or flight part of the brains of those on the Left.  They know that ideologically, the gig is up for the seventy plus year Progressive agenda.

They’ve targeted Female Conservatives primarily out of desperation, but also out of deep, unresolved questions in their own ideology.  Thirty years of Feminist successes following the failure of the ERA have demonstrated to the Crazies of the Left, as well as to the rest of the non self loathing, non self entitled, non victimized rest of us precisely what Feminism now is, a winner take all — play the victim– get the goodies hate fest.

This is the philosophical source of their specifically misogynist method of attack on Conservative women — they must attack the thing they most dread in such people — the solid, attractive, charismatic female.

Observe that the methods employed involve attacking the particular targets at the core of who the Left believes they are — the Left’s notion of that particular female’s Identity. Palin must be attacked via her daughters, her religion, her folksiness, and her alleged lack of intelligence — but never her ideas. Ditto Bachman, Coulter, and any female Conservative.

The Left fails to comprehend that for Palin and other Conservative women, it is their ideas which inform their identity, they don’t have let a skin deep faux identity like gender  inform their ideas

For the Left, women are female first, ideas and identity a far distant second — hence the victicrat mentality.

Observe also that the most successful charge for the left against any Conservative female has been labeling them ignorant, stupid, or lazy.  It matters not that such accusations do not fit any of the women so attacked, the mere label has been what matters.  Why? because the Left believes it of these specific women, and because it is their view of the metaphysical nature of women.

Feminist organizations will not defend Conservative women from sexist BS because they believe, since these women are Conservative, they indeed are stupid.  Power lust and ideology at NOW, coupled with deep seated self hate, trumps any belief in female solidarity or equality they might once have held.

In their seventy years or so of Progressive campaigns against the view of women as stupid and emotional, a view they believed (with some justification) was held by most men, they have come to believe their own hype.  Women are now seen by the Left as permanent victims. The Left is now convinced that women are destined to live as inferiors without a strong maternal hand guiding them along; a guiding hand that must crush any male threat to the feminist identity, said threats would of course be actualized were the woman to sully herself with children and family.  That maternal hand helps them maintain their tenuous grip on the consciences that still believe the thugs of NOW in their skirts , hairy pits, sandals, and pantsuit– sneering about objectification and female chauvinists, truly seek strength through freedom and independence rather than power through dependence and victimization.  These thugs must at every turn, to maintain their mirage,  slap down any female threat to the notion that females are stupid victims.

It would serve Conservatives well, character attacks arise — especially gender specific attacks like those recently — to not play the game by calling the attackers hypocrites or sexist, it is too late for them in their collapse to even grasp their own betrayals.

They wish to label Conservatives, especially  Conservative women, anti intellectual or ignorant?  We ought to call them on it.  If they’ve come to  believe their own hype, it is time to demonstrate to the rest of the public just how wrong they are.

This is an ideological battle for the soul of the nation; the left has no weapons left, they are finished.  All they’ve got left is a worn, washed out, dreary sense of their once noble identity as crusaders for fairness.

They are no longer fighting for the goals once held by any of the civil rights movements, they are fighting with their dying breaths to achieve the opposite of those goals.

When hearing the hate filled crescendo of the past number of years, its become clear to  any thinking person that the attacks on Palin and others are far too personal to be politics as usual.

F0r the Left, this is a crisis of identity as they reach the dead end of a long line of lies, errors, missteps, and betrayals of what they once were.

The emergence of the Tea Party and the nominal embrace of it by Republicans and Conservatives is an ample demonstration to the Left that the Right, at least as far as Capitalism and  Constitutional principles are concerned, has resolved a good part of its own identity crisis.

And our opponents are terrified.

Now is not the time to continue to engage in identity politics, but on the merits of the arguments over the crucial issues  facing the nation.

We have, as either Conservatives, Libertarians, Capitalists, Republicans, Constitutionalists, or as  Tea Party members,  been identified by our opponents as idiots, as anti intellectual, as racist, as women hating, as hateful, and as exploiters — it is time to engage the Left on the merits of their arguments.

Making the case for Capitalism will make our case against the veracity of labels the Left has, to their own error, provided for us.

The Progressive wing of the Left has been lying for  so long, and the rank and file left have been lied to for so long, they’ve come to believe it.  The rise of the female conservative is blowing the cover off of the evasions, lies, and double speak of the Progressive intellectuals.  Female Conservatism and the Tea Party are threatening to finally expose the Left to its worst enemies — reason, reality, and itself.

Cognitive dissonance is giving way to existential dread for those who view as incomprehensible strong, intelligent, capable women who identify as “Sarah” or “Michelle” or “Anne” first, as Conservatives second or third, and as females way down the list in relevance.  A genuine feminist, in the sense that once noble word once held, fills Progressives with an identity threatening panic.  For someone on the Left,  any individualist with healthy self esteem will.

It is time to make the case for American Capitalism and freedom to the rest of the public not yet on board in support of the Tea Party and its principles — without the Identity politics and without fear.  Let’s give the left what it fears most — it is what the rest of the nation needs and has sought out — a rational, moral argument.


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