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A common problem: why the media matters   Leave a comment

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Conservative and liberal “commentators” (read: opinion hacks who pretend they are journalists) love a good scandal, controversy, or public disagreement. When they can’t find one, they make one up with the old stand by of “X is raising eyebrows”, all the while  conveniently failing to identify any actual individuals whose eyebrows have been set high upon the forehead.  The Left is aghast at Conservatives at Fox and other outlets who are atwitter over what Conservatives view as the latest in a long line of poor reasoning and outright poor taste from the White House. Of course,  one must ask when aren’t Conservatives incensed over the actions of liberals?.

The political and media Left wishes to have the public believe that First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House  invite to hip hop artist Common, and his subsequent visit, is just one of those ginned up controversies.

The Liberal left insists that Common’s visit is a non sequiter.  Online supporters of this view go so far as to suggest that the invite was a baiting game: invite the most innocuous black artist one can find so as to drive those big old bigots on the Right into a tizzy.

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keeping em’ on their toes   Leave a comment

Wisconsin Senator hiding out over the border thought he’d hide from his job…not so much

Video courtesy of the Rock Ford Tea Party (on youtube)

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As this is being written, a partial revolution is happening in American politics.  A once in a lifetime, clearcut repudiation of a party’s agenda occurred in the midterm 2010 elections.  I say partial, not because there were not enough House wins for Republicans to provide a mandate undoing the Obama – Pelosi – Reid “hope and change” trifecta;  not because the Senate remains in Democratic control, offering our Republic a gridlocked Congress; certainly not because spot light Tea Party candidates failed to win key races.  It is a partial revolution because the message that was sent to Washington, to the “mainstream” (and thus clueless) media, and the two  main parties has apparently not been heard, if the reactions of the media, the pundits, and the parties are any indication. Read the rest of this entry »