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a united nations side building{United Nation’s General Assembly Address ; March, 2013}

Members of the Assembly, Madam Secretary, Citizen’s of the world’s community, my fellow Americans:

Good Evening. I am honored to be speaking tonight to the world’s community on behalf of the people of America’s United States.

I would like to begin tonight by speaking to the people of the Community of nations– not as the President of my country, but as a member of the World Community, on behalf of my fellow Americans.

The economic crisis that enveloped the world for nearly seven years has subsided a great deal for many nations outside of the West. For that America is pleased and thankful. As you know, it has not been so for much of the West.

According to most appraisals,  of the Western Nations still in this horrendous grip of Depression, America has suffered the most.

There are many in America who place the blame for Her collapse on impossible burdens that came about in part due to drastic changes in our foreign policy, particularly from multiple wars and from massively large amounts of foreign aid and subsidies  sent to the rest of the world to help improve its condition. Many of my nation also believe that the regulatory and tax burden we’ve incurred through recent redistributive trade and energy policies have strangled what was an already troublesome competitive disadvantage.

I will not, however, participate in assessing blame or responsibility.  I speak now not as my Nation’s President, but as an individual who has his family, his life, and his private concerns regarding his future – just as you have yours.

The peoples of the non-Western world  have lived in misery for many, many centuries. You have lived with pain and burdens that we in America have not ever known and have not had the ability to truly grasp

Until now.

We have come to understand, through our own calamity, that which your families have lived with for so long.

I wish you well as you continue your climb towards prosperity and security. You have surely been lacking in both for far too long.

As an American citizen I hold as a great pride that you have now begun to embrace the free market principles which our nation so foolishly chose to reject.

You have begun to understand that freedom, security, and prosperity cannot be won or indeed held without the freedom to earn one’s living without interference. We knew it once, and through our difficulties today, we are learning it once again.

Our leaders, past and present, did a great disservice to America by covering up, distorting into the unrecognizable, and finally abandoning what was our great heritage of Capitalism and freedom.

Those who have remained in power who supported such a rejection of our Ideal are now paying the price, as we all are, for their mistakes.

To that end I will speak now on behalf of my people as her President.

I am grateful and proud that the United States has begun to once again embrace our nation’s glorious history and to reaffirm her dedication to freedom and independence.

This re-learning was begun just a few years ago.  It was brought by men and women across America who were at first rejected and reviled, but were firmly dedicated to America’s Exceptionalism. They understood what many of their fellow Americans failed or refused to grasp— that we as Americans are a nation as no other.

Those who refused to understand at first smeared and ridiculed the collection of individuals who rose from town halls and private groups to save us.  Well,  they have now come to see that truth.

For that I am grateful and proud.  This common understanding is what we needed in order to continue the journey that was begun by the men who founded our Republic.

We must continue that journey by focusing our attention and our efforts on our nation’s interests – though we certainly share many of yours.

Members of the world Community:  it is with hope, as well as with some disappointment, that I tell you America must continue our journey without – for the time being – her friends throughout the world.

We wish that you could join us as friends and partners as we rebuild our nation, but this path is ours alone to walk.

Over the next year the United States will systematically diminish and then temporarily cease trade and commerce with our partners in other nations. Our resources have become far too limited to spread them so thin.

Though we have been re-building our infrastructure and have reignited old industries while creating new ones – though we have drastically lowered the tax and regulatory burden of our people —  as you are aware it has been a slow climb back up.

We cannot continue our work towards renewed prosperity if our economic attentions and focus are diverted elsewhere. All our energies must be spent here.

American businesses currently outside the U.S. will continue their trade with you if they so choose, as it is their right.  We as a nation — in our policy —  will focus our efforts at home.

US owned businesses outside our borders will receive extraordinary incentives to keep their work and their resources here.

We will emerge from this effort stronger, stable, and without precedent in world history — in advancements and  improvements in technology – in medicine – and in artistic creations.

Our first Renaissance has begun, and as you know America has never once failed to accomplish that which she sets out to do.

When America returns to the world she will bring with her a wealth of material production that has not been seen for over one hundred years — and we will be happy beyond measure to trade our creations and our discoveries to all those who choose to partner with us.

Be aware, however, that our people will not do as they have done in the past.  We will never again accept a liability in our commerce with others, nor will we  engage in trade with those who despise our freedoms or refuse those freedoms to their own people.

To nations such as these, we say: you may go elsewhere – we will not need you.

We will thrive and prosper as always.  This time, however,  we will do so without the burdens of the past.

There have been accusations of hypocrisy — assertions that the United States partners with dictators.

Whether those accusations regarding our prior actions are correct or not is irrelevant. No such appearance of impropriety will touch our shores again.

In addition, America has begun to bring American combat troops home.

We will escalate that homecoming over the next two years. When this drawback is finished, American military bases will have been emptied of U.S. Personnel.

Troops from our host nations will then use our bases to train and to protect their own countries.

If the enemies of America wish to believe, however,  that the United States has withdrawn Her support for Her friends or that she has run away from Her fight with radical Islam and others who wish Her harm — if they hope that she  has abandoned her economic, security, or diplomatic interests:

Haters of freedom: You are mistaken.

A new American Defense Team — radically different from our military of the past —   has begun to take the place of an outdated system.

To those who despise our nation and ridicule and insult our values – those who have embraced force as a tool proper to men:

You have attempted to subjugate the world and have claimed that you are an unstoppable force. You will now face the true might that is America — her people — who are an immovable object.

Haters of Man:  you are on notice.

We have told our friends and our allies of our plans to rebuild at home.

Most have asked us to continue to help them in their struggle to protect their lands against the escalating Islamist attacks we’ve observed on the field and in our military intelligence —  as well as in the morning news.

American military, cyber security, and Intelligence personnel have been sent – and will continue to be sent over the several next years — into the lands of our friends and allies, by request  from our friends and by voluntary consent.

These courageous and dedicated men and women will live and work in private residences and businesses, among and alongside the citizenry of our host nations.

This change in our strategic and operational methods is OUR response to YOUR decades long Jihad and YOUR escalation of violence against us.

New American teams will be on call to defend American citizens abroad as well as ours and our host nation’s mutual interests — at a moments notice.   These men and women – as well as their families — have been asked to make a commitment unlike any that our military has made before, and they have agreed to take on this task.

This has become necessary thanks to new aggressions that are now launched routinely by Radical Islam and other militants.  You within Radical Islam and other ideologically driven killers have made it crystal clear to the world what your desires and your intents are.

It is now past time you understand ours.

Enemies of America:   let me be clear: any acts of force brought against our people or our allies

By that I mean ANY physical attacks against U.S. citizens or U.S. businesses and ANY physical attacks against our friends and allies and their people as related to our own interests –- will be answered with the only tool that you seem to understand.

Your leaders declare that radical Islamists love death more than we Americans love life.

When and where you attack that which we love, we will bring to you that which you love.

We will bring to you and your loved ones death that is certain, calculated  and immediate.  We will bring you death anywhere and everywhere that you attack us.

You have gloated that you believe we do not have the perseverance or the resolve to fight your demand that the world submit.

You will learn the true nature of American resolve.

As a final measure of that resolve, I speak now on behalf of my fellow Americans to the members of this General Assembly.

For many, many decades members of this body have seen fit to attack, ridicule, insult, smear and libel the United States, your host nation, on the floor of this very building — on our own welcoming soil.

Cultures and peoples who claim to admire good will and hospitality above all have engaged in extraordinary deceit and hypocrisy.

They’ve attacked in words and in arms the nation that has held out a standing invitation of friendship to the entire world for nearly seventy years.

They often do so with physical force in other lands while simultaneously under our protection through the home we have provided.

This very Assembly was our invitation to you. We will no longer sit by silently while you dismiss and insult our hospitality.

A number of years ago a member of this Assembly requested that a vote be taken.  He sought to move the U.N. elsewhere.  He echoed claims by our various enemies  that our nation was not worthy of this body.

America now takes her opportunity to respond to that request.

Though a vote currently has not been called, we assert our right as the holder of the Headquarters of the United Nations to establish for the record our position in this matter:

We vote in the affirmative.

We cast our vote so that all of members of the U.N. understand that this body exists solely at our discretion, not at yours.

We are on record that any nation who wishes to leave our grace and our protection is free to do so.

This headquarters exists only through our approval and our  consent.

If you choose to vote no on the question of relocation of this facility outside our land, however,  our offer of hospitality still stands.

It is now the choice of members of this body whether to accept our renewed offer.

All those who vote to leave and to move the UN elsewhere must grasp in full that we do not seek your approval.

You have continued to come here for nearly seventy years for the sole purpose of seeking ours – and we know it.

Were it not for America and her friends, there would be no World Community.  You and yours would have been swallowed up long ago by dictatorship, ignorance,  and death.

If you choose to  leave you do so with the knowledge that you will never partner with us in commerce or in diplomacy again. You will never again receive any form of aid from us, including  and especially our blood and bodies when once again your nations faces aggressors.

If you make such an unwise choice, our good will and friendship to you will be withdrawn permanently.

Many of you have declared that our nation and her people are unneeded and that we are irrelevant to your interests.

You will discover that your assessment of our people and our nation to be both ignorant and shortsighted.

To those who remain our friend and who look beyond the present, those who wish to profit from America’s hospitality and from the results of America’s Renaissance when we return to the world: we look forward to many years of diplomacy – and in good time many years of mutual trade and friendship

I leave you now to your vote. Good luck, and good blessings.

America, as always, honors the hospitality of all people who honor ours.

Good night, and be well.


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