Occupy Movement To Hold National General Assembly In Philadelphia July 4, 2012 « CBS Philly   1 comment

Has Occupy Wall Street always planned to  ‘occupy’ a slightly bigger turf?

C.B.S. News reports that

plans are found in a document posted online by an “Occupy Wall Street” working group, titled “The 99 Percent Declaration.” The document proposes a National General Assembly to be held in Philadelphia starting on July 4th, 2012

A non representative sample of ex hippies, anarchists, frustrated, debt laden publicly educated college students, a smattering of Communists, and sundry upset ‘average folk’, heavily organized and gleefully compensated by Big Labor says their

 Assembly would operate similarly to the original “Committees of Correspondence” — the Founding Fathers who met in Philadelphia prior to what the group refers to as “the first American Revolution.

OWS’s month-long siege has resulted in hundreds of arrests across the country for violent, disruptive, criminal behavior.

Philadelphia’s Mayor states

We need to better understand what it is they want to do, where and what it’s all about. But I welcome the discussion.

His statement is suggestive that OWS has not made any official contact with the city, and the message and the intent of Occupy Wall Street cannot be more clear.

Questioned about potential unrest when OWS’ Philadelphia wing must relocate themselves in a month, the City’s Managing Director Rich Negrin responded

That’s the kind of showdown that some folks would like. That’s a minority of the folks. In large part, they’ve been incredibly cooperative. (But) there are small groups who infiltrate the ranks, like the anarchists and others, who don’t care about the government, just care about chaos. Let’s hope those folks are not in the majority.

Negrin is hoping for too much.

An unruly crowd with a violent streak  openly calling itself, by inference, a “revolution”?

Has Occupy Wall Street forgotten about the Tea Parties, a roughly three-year old,  non violent Constitutionally minded movement? Of course they haven’t. OWS is capitalizing on the Tea party’s success, while displaying none of that movement’s principled behavior or goals.

The fundamental difference between the Tea Parties and these ‘Occupier’s’ cannot be more stark. The Tea Parties have dedicated themselves to cementing  the Republic back on its Constitutional foundation. Occupy Wall Street, on the other hand, disingenuously clubs the nation over the head with the flawed symbolic nature of “The 99 Percent Declaration” and plans for a ‘National Assembly.

OWS clearly has no fidelity to the Constitution. OWS wishes instead to dismantle it. OWS presents itself as the philosophical, political, and moral doppelgänger of the Tea Party Movement.

It certainly is.

One group is a recognizably non violent group of Constitutionalists dedicated to a Republic of United States. The other is a radical group of ‘occupiers’ calling for revolution with a  tendency towards violence, an open loathing for free markets, and an apparent willingness to evade the role the State has played in creating the excess they decry.

These ‘occupiers’ ignore Government’s role in the nation’s financial crisis because they intend to take the government over.

They seek to occupy much, much broader turf.

The radical moving bodies who call themselves ‘Occupy…(fill in the blank)’ are not a revolution, nor are they a political movement. ‘Political movement’ presupposes agreed upon and understood political concepts and a coherent set of moral and practical terms or goals.

The goal of OWS is obvious. It is neither moral nor practical — except through force — which OWS clearly has no problem using to obtain its goal. [warning: link contains explicit language]

With it’s violence, it’s arrogance, and its contempt for 200 years of America’s history and Her (albeit flawed, but fixable) institutions, Occupy Wall Street is not a movement, it is a coup.

Occupy Movement To Hold National General Assembly In Philadelphia July 4, 2012 « CBS Philly.

as previously published on examiner.com [local edit]

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