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Town Hall Mania

Bloggers, the media, elected officials, and social
networking aficionados are all a-twitter over town
halls. You would think Michael Jackson had risen
from the dead or that Carrie Prejean had gone
lesbian. What gives? Hundreds of citizens are
showing up at town hall meetings, when there are
usually a few dozen at these Vivarin dosed
events. Something weird is afoot.

Enough of the less than eloquent sarcasm, lets get
real. Town hall meetings are time honored and
Constitutionally crucial tools of the Republic- they
DO matter. Whether they are genuinely concerned
citizens gathering spontaneously to voice dissent
or they are “astro-turf”, as is claimed by House
Speaker Pelosi and others is not the point. People
are upset, they are uptight, and they are up to
their ears in frustration at being ignored or
ridiculed by the States and Washington. Things
are not well, and regardless of party affiliation, we
all know it.

When Americans who are deemed morally and
intellectually qualified to represent other
American citizens degenerate to name calling,
demagoguery, misrepresentation, and class and
race baiting against those whom they represent;
and simultaneously admit they haven’t even read
the proposals their constituents are worried
about-friends, there is more than health care
reform at stake-we must ask “why”?

Why, you who claim to represent our interests and
welfare, continue to attack us and minimize our
concerns? Why haven’t you read the bills, and yet
wish to challenge and attack those of us who
have? Why do you write Federal legislation that
you claim takes “two days and two lawyers” to
understand, yet you complain and attempt to
silence any challenge to Constitutionally and
morally questionable provisions within the bills
when those who have understood the bills demand
explanations of your motives and methods? Why
are you wishing to silence all dissent, regardless
of the parties, groups, and levels of society that
dissent emanates from?

Why, when the people are speaking loudly and
clearly, are you trying to shut us up with cancelled
meetings, closed doors, and slick, orchestrated
charades posing as town halls by our
commander-in-chief? WHY???


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