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How much will we actually be spending, in real
value? That is the question that must be grappled
with when discussing the massive debt we will incur
under Team Red Obama’s spending plans. Notice,
strangely, that every statist has always demanded
the dollar be backed by–nothing. Richard Nixon
took us off the Gold Standard in the early seventies,
producing cyclical periods of inflation.  Alan
Greenspan (long before he abandoned his principles as well as common sense and became the head of that
particularly odious part of the problem ) showed in
his brutally lucid “Gold and Economic Freedom” the
connection between an un-backed currency and
inflation. Let’s, for the sake of shock value and
hyperbole, look at the actual cost–in real value-of
Obama’s current spending proposals.

The dollar’s value, as defined by the Constitution, is
1/20th of an ounce of gold.

An ounce of gold is currently (as of 3/6/09) selling for
$933.00 an ounce.

B. Hussein Obama and his comrades in Congress have proposed  spending $20,000,000,000.00 (twenty
trillion dollars) (including money already spent) on a host of big items including things
like slashing medicare, studying why pigs smell, capping industrial production and private energy use, promoting astronomy in
Hawaii, nationalizing health care, grape production, broadening the patriot act, and cricket research.

At current prices, if we had a gold-backed dollar, we
would be spending $933,000,000,000.00 (nine
hundred thirty three trillion dollars).

The statists will argue: “see, we can’t back the
dollar by gold, see how much would really be spent
on swine studies and tattoo removal?”

Ladies and gentleman, that is precisely the point Mr.
Greenspan made. This is the Left’s means of
appropriating (the government’s double-speak for
stealing) more of your wealth, covering up it’s actual
value, then refusing to acknowledge it’s own role in
the destruction of the very dollar they claim to be
there to protect.

It’s your hard work they are stealing, make the most
of it.


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