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Take a look; you who believe that “economic
power” trumps “ethical standards”, “public
good” trumps “rights and responsibilities” ,
and that “force” and “persuasion” are
synonymous- This is your world.

We now have a man with no stated
principles, no known history, and no plan for
the future in the highest office in the land .
Our President is now laden with the
illegitimately granted powers bestowed on
him by the prior administration.

We have a world where criminal excess,
corruption, rampant disregard for the truth,
and the moral equivalent of a blank check
occupy the very corridors of power once
traveled by intellectual and ethical giants
like Locke, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison.

We live in a world where the very framework
of society is collapsing all around us.

Congratulations , This is the world you
worked so hard for. You’ve won.
God help you and the rest of us.


Posted March 4, 2010 by cchashadenough in Uncategorized

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