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Lest you think statists can change their behavior
(or at least slow down before they hand over
control to the “other guys”), think again. the
former Administration “bailed” out industry after
industry, company after company,without an end
in sight. The amusingly named TARP (Troubled
Asset Relief Program) was designed in a moment
of moral crisis on the part of our government
(they got us into this mess, I’m sure they felt just
crappy about that); ostensibly so there wouldn’t
be a sudden flow of millions of ex-homeowners
living on the streets. Sounds noble, though a
little naive, doesn’t it? Don’t believe it for a
minute. What has been done is to disguise the
true purpose of this “bailout”.

This is not a “bailout”. It is a buyout. It’s a
wholesale, no holds barred socialization and
nationalization of nearly every vital industry in
this country. From banks to individual homes;
from the auto industry to personal insurance,
everything is up for grabs. Do not misunderstand
what a CONSERVATIVE administration has done.
Bush, Bernanke, Paulson, and the rest DID NOT
“loan” “give”, or otherwise hand out money. Nor
did they help anyone.

Through the willful neglect of Congress, our
government has bought controlling shares in a
slew of Wall Street firms, taken control of all but
the most solid banks, and bought out the
mortgages of our homes. “We the people”, in
whom the power of the Federal Government rests,
have become powerless.

When we lose the ability to pay on our mortgages
the govt will step in with the authority to
purchase the remainder and take ownership. to a
worthless dollar and incredibly obtuse
regulation), the govt will step in to buy the When
we lose the ability to pay on our mortgages
remaining shares. When Wall Street wakes up to
the fact that only a handful of firms have any
tangible assets and the rest of the firms are all
smoke and mirrors, the panic that ensues will
“force” Congress to allow trillions more
“additional funds” to flow, buying the remaining
shares and taking controlling interest in our
nation’s lifeblood.

Is this fear mongering, paranoia, or Orwellian
projection? No, it is the nature of a corrupt
government run amok.

However, all is not hopeless, nor are we truly
powerless. We are now experiencing what
Dorothy must have felt when Toto revealed the
Wizard muttering “pay no attention to that man
behind the curtain”. There is a simple piece of
paper which can strip Bush, Bernanke, Obama,
Biden, and the rest of the oligarchy in Washington
of its power; a pesky little document called The
United States Constitution (which, contrary to
the belief of religionists out there, is our
founding document-the Declaration of
Independence be damned). Nowhere in that
beautiful body of work will you find the authority
for government to do what they have done.
Through the process of usurping the “people’s”
authority all those who have signed off on this
madness have committed treasonous acts, and
have let themselves be exposed to impeachment
and removal from office.

Such is the wisdom of our founding fathers (even
with all their flaws). They wrote the Constitution
as a check on the powers of government, limiting
them to do only what we give them permission to
do and simultaneously freeing us to act in any
way we see fit (providing we do no harm to the
person or property of another). Last time I
checked, I didn’t give Obama or anyone else
permission to seize my bank, control my
company, or take my house. Did you?


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