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two progressives, one massive failure

two progressives, one massive failure

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Mr. President;

Your critics have accused you of promoting a socialist agenda, which you
have correctly refuted. Socialism is at least intellectually honest about its
intent, you are not. We are experiencing what is admittedly an unusual
downturn in our economy (due primarily to artificially lowered interest rates
by our government) yet your lapdogs keep asserting that this is the worst
financial crisis since the Great Depression; you are being dishonest, and we
deserve to know why.

Your Treasury Secretary is credited with being the nation’s foremost expert
on the Depression but he has asked for unprecedented authority and power to
close down any business that you or he deem a threat; and you promote this
in the name of the free markets and the “public interest”. Markets are by
definition not free when they are chained; you are lying, so why?

If Mr. Geithner is such an expert then he knows that the very same type of “solutions” that you are inflicting on our nation Presidents Hoover and  Roosevelt implemented which
prolonged and deepened the Depression, only your policy is the New Deal on

You claim you can spend our lifeblood and our productivity, give it to those
who have not earned it, and that it will produce prosperity; prosperity for who,
and at what cost?

You have capitulated to our enemies; your Treasury Secretary is considering
abandoning our dollar for a global currency; your Homeland Security Chief
will not prosecute the War On Radical Islam; and the Speaker of the House
will not enforce our immigration laws-yet you remain determined, why?

What are you doing? It is not your particular programs which I challenge, but
your moral premise. Why, Mr. President, should we sacrifice our productivity
to incompetence or laziness? Why should we sacrifice our sovereignty and safety to
those who wish to harm us? As Mr. Daniel Hannan of the European
Parliament so eloquently and courageously stated to his own Prime Minister,
you can not spend your way out of deficits and borrow your way out of debt,
so why should we sacrifice our certainty to your whims?


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