“free market” republicans mortally wound capitalism with benedict arnold move on healthcare   Leave a comment

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The “defenders of capitalism” have once again betrayed its very premise and delivered it into the hands of those who wish to destroy it.  With success after success under their belt from decades of package deals and smuggled premises, progressive democrats are poised to achieve their utopia of a full Statist Mecca;  the fault, as always, lies with Republicans.

Republicans have accepted the smuggled premise of socializing doctors and patients, now they are just haggling over how to accomplish the destruction of profit, incentive, competition and the free practice of medicine.

So called “conservative” blue dog dems were sold on socialization from the get-go , looking only for excuses to compromise their alleged social/fiscal principles on issues of abortion and cost containment- political cover for the november midterms-it will be progressive Republicans who will compromise and sell out/buy out liberty and vote in the affirmative for an up or down vote.

Make no mistake about it, there WILL be State run healthcare, their WILL be Federal funding of abortion, and their WILL be massive cost increases and Federal control over our most crucial decision possible-who decides whether we receive adequate and appropriate health care.

Around March 12-14, our President will trumpet the history and life altering decision (perhaps referencing the historical connection to the FDR’s first fireside chat)   to override  reason, ethics, and responsibility and kill our right to self determination.

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