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When faced with difficulties we often look to the future with hope as well as trepidation. The nation’s current crisis is no exception. On a personal note: I lost my job two days after Christmas in’08 . I  have lost Karen, my partner of 13 years, and the bills are piling up. I am not telling you this to elicit sympathy but simply to let everyone know that hope still abounds. I’ve also, in the last year or so made contact with old friends, made several new ones, and have embarked on a campaign which I hope in some small way will make my life better, and hopefully as a by-product, yours.

Just a few thoughts about hope. I am not talking about the mealy-mouthed claptrap about keeping hope alive ala Jesse Jackson. I’m talking about the kind of hope that allowed one small, bespectacled man of great intellect and personal integrity to make the audacious assertion that non-violent civil disobedience could change the world- and freed a nation from the caste system that had existed for centuries. Gandhi, (for all his flaws) was right.

Hope endowed a handful of children with the courage to challenge centuries of bigotry and opened up education to any person who chose to pursue it. Hope allowed a handful of wealthy, (but semi employed) Europeans to decide enough is enough- to break from tyranny and form a nation halfway around the world with only the ideas that freedom matters, that leadership is not a divine right and that personal responsibility required them to risk their “ lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” and to throw off the yolk of tyranny. This was not mere hyperbole on the part of Jefferson, and others, this was the reality they faced. We are now facing a similar challenge.

Our leaders have assured us that nothing less than full on unadulterated fascism will be acceptable to them. I suggest we take them at their word-and challenge it. I am not in any way suggesting physical resistance. We have the means at our disposal to remove from power those who wish to use that power to disarm us, to shackle us, and to force on us their vision of the public interest Let’s use it. I am advocating full on rhetorical, legislative, and judicial warfare. Both political parties have declared war on our nation’s founding principles; we should not for a minute doubt that they mean it. Our future is on the line, and it is one we must make for ourselves.

Please, when you go to bed tonight, place a dollar bill under your mattress- Just a dollar; in remembrance of what this nation has become. When we get to where we are going, find that dollar, and give a small whisper of thanks to those in our not-so-distant past who have allowed us (through their own recalcitrant dedication to the truth) to live in a nation where anything is possible to those who work for it. This is the kind of hope that can make one person say “enough”.

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