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Thomas Paine
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During the early decades of our Republic Liberalism was understood to be defined by its commitment to individual

The notion of “collective rights” or group rights was
foreign to political thinkers.  Groups, as such, had no
rights.  The concept of rights belonged to the individual.
individual rights.

Notice, therefore, that the modern “liberal” has no such
commitment.  They claim to be dedicated to protecting
“rights”, but their notion of rights does not extend beyond
groups-be they various sexual or ethnic minorities,
economic pressure groups, or organizations whose only
apparent motive seems to be promoting animosity
between competing factions-the individual–you–has been
left out of the equation (unless you self-identify or profess
allegiance to the various groups which the “liberals” work
to “protect”).  What is notoriously absent is the central
element which separates one individual from all
others-his ideas.

Philosophy, the study of ideas, belongs to no group; only
individuals-by their own conscious effort-can define a
philosophy, and it is this key element which is
deliberately obscured by all “liberals”.

Modern Liberalism has no philosophy, it has only a
grab-bag collection of Statist, collectivist programs
which: A: discount the efficacy of the individual as
non-existent or irrelevant; B: promote “group” rights as a
given (implying, therefore, that those who do not belong
to said group do not enjoy those rights); and C: maintains
that any opposition to such principles is rooted in a
repudiation of “rights” as a whole (ignoring the fact that
by proposing “collective rights” they have, in fact, made
any assertion of one’s own, individual rights, impossible).

Liberalism has turned its back on its own history;  at first
by default, accepting the underlying premises and
assumptions of socialist thinkers like Marx and Engels;
now, by intent, by obscuring the historical definition of
Liberalism and highjacking the once noble lable.  Modern “Liberalism” has sold its soul to its ethical antagonist and has lost all claim to the word “liberal”.

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