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First page of Constitution of the United States
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Conservatives deserve our everlasting gratitude for being the only force of any consequence that bars the
advance of fascism.  However, they have forgotten a
crucial aspect of liberty that Liberals cannot stand
against.  Where, my Conservative friends, is the moral
defense which our nation’s principles (and capitalism, its
only means of maintaining them) need?

Everyday we hear from Conservative leaders that we are
heading towards Statism (or socialism).  This is
undoubtedly true.  What do we hear as an alleged
counter-argument against big-government progressive liberals?  “Socialism doesn’t work”-“the programs
can’t be financially supported”-“it isn’t fair for a few to pay
for the rest” on and on it goes from there.  All of these
arguments are absolutely true, but they will not stand
against the implied premise under which modern
Liberalism operates.  “Conservative” Republicans are indeed the party of “no”-and for good reason-they will not provide the “yes” for America and Capitalism.

It is against this premise that Conservatives dare not
fight, lest Americans discover that it is the premise
which both groups share-which Liberals advocate more
consistently, and which will deliver America into the depths of statism and stagnation-due to the failures and betrayals of the “defenders” of capitalism and the Constitution-who do not support either.

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