to the iranian people (english version)   Leave a comment

To our brothers in arms.  We the American people  are with you.  We pray for  success in your fight against
tyranny in your homeland.  Do not be discouraged by the
politics of soft words by our government.  Our leaders in
America have forgotten what you have not; that freedom
cannot be won by  passivity and
appeasement.  You have hoped since the 1979 revolution
that the people of Iran would take their rightful place at
the table of world affairs, and for the last ten years the
people of Iran have found the government to be just as
corrupt as that under the Shah.

The people of Iran have been the inheritors of Revolution.
Your nation’s religion was born of the disgrace of a
birthright stolen;  born of a brother who was the firstborn
of the patriarch of the world’s three great monotheistic
religions-one who had his inheritance deliberately taken by deceit.
We in America understand all too well the nature of
Revolution, and freedoms gone unrecognized and

Our nation was formed of the war against a corrupt
monarchy, a declaration of the rights of men, and the rediscovery of reason.  We became the leader of the free world out of
that  struggle; and the freedom and human rights
that resulted from it.  This was not accidental-it was the
providence that comes from  human willingness
to fight against  intolerance and injustice  and to fight for man’s inalienable right to use his mind free from force.
Your battle is our battle, and we stand with you.  You are
the inheritors, as is the rest of the world, of our birthright
and our revolution.  Our prayers are with you. Godspeed
and know that the world is indeed watching-with great hope.


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