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According to nearly every survey, anywhere from 90-99% of Americans believe in God, the overwhelming majority attend religious services regularly, the vast
majority of our laws and rules are based on religious principles, and religious
freedom is a cornerstone on which our nation was founded (and should be).

Why then, one must ask, are there millions of unplanned pregnancies, rampant
illicit (and licit) drug use, extreme incidents of violence, and general disregard
for social niceties as fairness, courtesy, honesty, goodwill, benevolence, and
mutual respect?  These are questions that must be addressed before any plans
can be put into place to “fix” the cultural and economic disasters we are faced

The central issue, which Conservatives dare not know (and Liberals know, but
dare not name), is that we HAVE followed the accepted moral values of
religion, all too closely.

This is not a critique of religion, only the ethics of the culture.  We have been
taught since we were children that man was born sinless, but that he fell from
grace by consuming “the fruit from the tree of knowledge” and thus imbued all
of mankind with “original sin”.  Understand this premise.  “knowledge” of good
and evil thus left us all inherently sinful.

We are further taught that all choices must be of benefit to someone else, that
our own interests should not be our primary concern; selfishness, we are
warned, is sinful and dangerous.  This is the underlying ethical principle which
informs what most people do.  It is the official ethic of all religions, and it is
the ethical principle which guides all of our laws and social mores.

It is this ethic which most attempt to use to guide their choices and actions.
What, then, is the result?  Since no rational person would knowingly and
willingly choose to act against their own interest, they are told by their moral
guides: “Its OK if your choice or action benefits you, but only if you choose it
with your primary motive to benefit someone else.”  We then are left with the
impression that personal, self motivated desires are in and of themselves
immoral, but actions chosen to “benefit” others are moral and just.  If we
violate this code, either through self-preservation or simple want or need
(regardless of how rational, just, or appropriate the violation may be) we are
left with a sense of guilt for breaking the code.  What do we learn, then, of

Ethics, we subconsciously decide, work against that which we actually desire,
but are a “necessary evil”.  We learn to sneak in a little personal benefit, but
feel guilt doing so.  If we act against our own interest, via a little self-sacrifice,
then we feel morally justified, and feel no guilt;  it then becomes a no-man’s
land of anything goes.  This is the moral premise that declares we must
sacrifice for the “public welfare”; that we must protect people “for their own
good”; that what should be done is “the greatest good for the greatest number.”

Such is the ethic underlying the “welfare state”, “controlled” capitalism, and
all laws regulating personal behavior; the so-called consensual (or victimless)
crimes.  It is the same ethic that reigned supreme in Nazi Germany, the former
Soviet Union, and Communist, Socialist, and Fascist states around the world.
It is the moral premise we claim to be fighting against via the “war on terror”.
The Islamic fascists have simply applied it more consistently than we have,
with disastrous results.  If we don’t counter their basic moral premise, how do
we intend to win the war against them?

Why then, do some claim that there is a moral breakdown?  Our laws, our
institutions, and our society has followed the predominant ethical code to the
letter-codifying into a near given.  This is what Conservatives dare not know,
and Liberals know, but dare not name, both have followed the same code of
ethics-the Liberals, being more consistent-preach socialism as its logical
economic manifestation; the Conservatives, secretly understanding the clash
with Capitalism’s profit motive, dare not defend America’s economic system in
full, lest they be forced to question its moral enemy-their own ethical code.

It is long past time, with the moral code of our culture reaching its climax, and
our enemies at our back door, to bury our head in the sand and avoid the
obvious.  It is time, in the words of America’s now re-emerging great philosopher, not to “return to morality, but to discover it.”


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