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some musings on religion and christianity–from our founders, past presidents, and a few other pertinent individuals.  To
introduce this mental exercise, I’ll quote from the intellectual
father of the American Revolution:
“It is upon this plain
narrative of facts…That the Christian Mythologists, calling
themselves the Christian Church, have erected their fable,
which for absurdity and extravagance, is not exceeded by
anything that is to be found in the mythology of the ancients.”
–Thomas Paine–The Age Of Reason

How “far” we’ve come.  For those who remain ignorant,
still, of history:
Paine’s Age Of Reason was a refutation of the old and new
testament, and a refutation of Christianity as a whole.  His
works were paramount in the thinking of the founding
fathers of our republic;  they remain, contrary to popular
opinion, among the founding philosophical documents of the U.S.

I have never seen the
slightest scientific proof of
the religious theories of
heaven and hell, of future
life for individuals, or of a
personal God.”
–Thomas Edison

“My earlier views of the
unsoundness of the Christian
scheme of salvation and the
human origin of the scriptures
have become clearer and
stronger with advancing years
and I see no reason for thinking
I shall ever change them”
–Abraham Lincoln

“The day will come when the
mystical generation of Jesus, by
the Supreme Being as his father,
in the womb of a virgin, will be
classed with the fables of
Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.”
–Thomas Jefferson

“I have found Christian dogma
unintelligible.  Early in life I absented
myself from Christian assemblies.”
–Benjamin Franklin
“I have recently been examining
the world, and do not find in our particular creed one
redeeming feature.  They are all
alike, founded upon fables and
–Thomas Jefferson
“In the experience of a year of
the Presidency, there has come
to me no other such unwelcome
impression as the manifest
religious intolerance which
exists among many of our
citizens.  I hold it to be a
menace to the very liberties we
boast and cherish.”
–Warren G. Harding
“The Bible is full of interest.
It has noble poetry in it; and
some blood drenched history;
and some good morals; and a
wealth of obscenity; and
upwards of a thousand lies.”
–Mark Twain
“I do not believe in
immortality of the individual,
and I consider ethics to be
an exclusively human
concern with no superhuman
authority behind it.”
–Albert Einstein
“When people talk
of the freedom of
writing, speaking,
or thinking, I cannot
but laugh. No such
thing ever existed.
No such thing now
exists; but I hope it
will exist.  But it
must be  years
after you and I shall
write and speak no
–John Adams

“The legitimate powers of government
extend to such acts only as are
injurious to others.  But it does me no
injury for my neighbor to say there are
twenty gods, or no God.  It neither
picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” –Thomas Jefferson

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