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We often are ridiculed for our “vulgar materialism” by corrupt nations and petty despots; despite the
fact that those same despots comes running to us
for “aid” which derives from the American
productivity that once created such
materialist possibility.  Also observe that we ourselves have
begun to exchange productivity for cheap  and
easy to find stuff.  We’ve begun to feel that
we are guilty of some unnamed sin; and
we have “atoned” for that sin by buying salvation
from every petty despot and unfortunate victim he
leaves in his wake at “19.95 plus shipping and
handling”; all of which is manufactured overseas.
We are, in fact, guilty, but it is a guilt we evade
naming, out of fear that somehow our enemies
will call us out.
Our nation has sacrificed our industrial heritage
and the ethical base from which it springs to debt
and deficits which will never be repaid or recovered from.  We’ve
done so due to our unnamed “sin”: a materialism
without a justification.  How did we go from being
a country which once took pride in achieving
material wealth to a near “benevolent tyranny”
which borrows its way to disaster from the very
people who smear us as “greedy Americans”?
We’ve done so because we have decided that we
must be liked, at any cost.

Our country once took justified pride at being
recognized for our values of hard work,
independence, and integrity.  Now we have bills
we can not pay, we’ve gone to the worst villains in
the world to bail us out, and we sell out our
children’s future for $2.02 per gallon gas at the
nearest convenience store.

Our enemies will never like us, because our
underlying principles are the antithesis of theirs,
at least they once were.  Now we gawk at
celebrity hedonism in the tabloids, try to outdo
our neighbors in 52 in. plasmas and $6.00 lattes
bought on credit, and imitate the vilest of cop
killers and thugs in our dress, speech, and
lifestyles while talentless hacks screech at us over the airwaves in
toneless repetition. Why? Because we have traded
what was once was justified materialism based on
recognition of values for oneupmanship and the
childlike need to impress.

We once based our decisions on what to buy, who
to emulate, and who to trust because we
judged that those particulars by  some standard and assumed they had an
objective value; now we’re so eager to impress
that we’ve lost the “self”, we’ve lost ourselves,
and we’ve nearly lost our Republic.  Its time we
based our view of ourselves not on what others
perceive in us, but in the values we recognize in
ourselves.  To begin that process, we must define our values, and rationally justify them.  Then and only then, we must proclaim them loudly without apology or fear.

When one can objectively justify ones values, no apologies are necessary and no defense is required-those values will be self evidently justifiable.

In simplest terms, this can be derived
from one overriding principle when we deal with
others: “what someone else thinks of me is none of my business”.

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