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It is undoubtedly time for “change” Only a complete top to bottom reform of our ethical system will save it
from the enemies of freedom.  However to my
Conservative friends: you asked for it.  You have
allowed yourselves to be marginalized by the Liberal
fascists.   As you know, ethics are not a concern of
most Liberal leaders.

It is not a lack of ethics that is destroying our nation.
Our ethics ARE the problem.  Conservatives have
never allowed themselves to truly advocate for
Capitalism, and the Liberals know it–they’ve
capitalized on it–and former President Bush, for all the
positive he did in the war on terrorism, handed our
nation the prerequisites which were necessary for the
Democrats to take over our economy.

Honest (though confused) Democrats have understood
that Conservatives ARE NOT true supporters of limited
government, or they would not insist that Federal and
State governments be allowed to thrust on the public
policies that advocate the moral principles of ANY
religion.  As is clear from our history, which has been
distorted by Fundamentalism,  our government was
never intended to be the mouthpiece for any religion,
no matter how sincere its disciples may be.

Please, my Christian and Jewish friends, read the
Constitution with your mind-not your wishes.  The first
amendment has been compromised (as have many
other sections) but it is that corruption which will
deliver us into the hands of those who wish to destroy

No amount of hand wringing, wishful thinking, or self
deception will change the document which is sitting in
our Archives.  “Congress shall make NO LAW
respecting the establishment of religion.”  Please note
that it says, clearly:  “religion”; not “a” religion.  No
one can claim with a clear conscience that laws
which create “consensual crimes” do not establish

It has been this self deception which honest
Democrats see as hypocrisy; and they run to the
statists, who they see as more consistent.  They
rightly see you as compromising your stated political
commitment to limited government, and they rightly
consider you as baring some hypocrisy for
compromising your alleged ethical principles by
continuing to capitulate in the name of
“bipartisanship” (as well as in self doubt).

Please check your premises and revise your thinking.
The ethical defense of our system was, is, and will
always be outside the realm of mysticism, and in the realm of our rational nature.

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