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We are not dealing with primarily an economic crisis.  The crisis goes well beyond questions of whether markets will fail or
whether we will have our jobs next week. What we are
experiencing is is a crisis of faith.  We have, as those who lived
through the Depression experienced,  lost faith in our leaders,
our economic system, and most crucially, we have lost faith in

Our leaders are trying to convince us to have faith in the
“system” (a system they have torn asunder and now claim that
they will fix without showing the moral courage to define or name the “system” they intend to fix.  Our ministers and priests assure us that we must
have faith in God and the Church, which has failed entirely on every mission it has undertaken while simultaneously telling us
our problems are the result of countless misdeeds- from dropping support
the ten commandments  to the battles over abortion and gay marriage .   Our government Institutions and leaders tell us to
have faith that they can prevent an Ancient Rome style collapse
with minute to minute changes in the interest rates,  tax cuts,
and revisions of the regulatory code.  Friends this is a crisis of
faith- and I for one say good riddance to faith.

Faith,  belief in something in the absence of evidence , is not the
answer.  We need solutions which are based-  not on faith, but a
rigid commitment to the facts, to truth, and to our nature.  This
is the precise description of the process that philosophers have
tried to damn since they reneged on their responsibility to
provide answers-reason.

Reason will tell you that what we have done so far is not
working-therefore change the methods we are employing.
Reason will tell you that our government has failed in its
obligation to protect us from this mess-therefore change the
nature of our government.  Reason will tell you that church
leaders  don’t have a rational solution-therefore ditch those
archaic and failed institutions which have consistently provided
no answers, and have created the crux of the problem.

In her well articulated article “Faith and Force: the Destroyers of
the Modern World”  (printed in Philosophy: Who Needs It
(available at amazon.com)), Ayn Rand clearly demonstrates the antipathy between faith and reason; between persuasion and force, and the
need to return to reason as an absolute.  For those who advocate otherwise I  tell you: reality, logic, and human nature will hold you accountable.

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