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“the government of the United
States is not in
any sense
founded on the
Christian religion”

Who said that?  Was it some cross burning,
anti-christ, homosexual, illuminati type?  The
above is actually attributed to George
Washington, who refused the crown offered him as leader of the infant nation of the United States.
So much for the argument one often hears from
religionists that without Christianity we’d
become slaves to a despot.  Ignoring for now the
claims of the few delirious, misguided, and
possibly mildly psychotic men (its almost always
men, have you noticed that) at the top of the
religious food chain who prattle on about the culture was while waging war on the first amendment, I’d like to address the many,
many genuinely soul-searching Christians out
there who know full well what this country truly
means. You have met face to face the enemy
you’ve been told for generations to either hate,
pity, rescue, or any combination therein; The
drug users who harm no one but themselves
(who deserve education, and if that doesn’t work,
social ostracism, not proselytizing).; the
teenager, who (either by accident, foolishness,
or both) gets pregnant and is not emotionally or
financially prepared to have a child. The
homosexual who, having lived with his partner
for many years, is told by a court of law that yes,
the Constitution fully supports his right to marry
, only to have that right stripped away again by
activist legislators, unconstitutionally
intrusive churches, and defensive voters.

These people are neither your enemy, your
project, nor your concern.  You know that.
Nature has given you an intellect, use it.  If these
are the types of sins for which our nation is now
being held accountable as your religious leaders
have claimed since the founding of our country,
why are we now suffering a catastrophic
collapse precisely when these folks are poised to
have their hard won rights stipped away?

The war on drugs costs more than $30 billion
annually.  It has not in any way cut back on drug
“offenses” and has created a market for street
gangs  and organized crime (not unlike
Prohibition) and yet the only person that legal,
safe, and available drugs would hurt would be
the user; always assuming  we are not paying for
the idiot’s govt sponsored health care.

A teenager who knows she cannot have a child
and makes a conscious decision to seek
effective, legal, and safe means of ending or
preventing pregnancy should not be told “sorry,
but we want to make the next 18 years of your
life a nightmare of subsistence level
employment, haggling with the red-tape of the
illegitimate social services world, and social
ostracism” simply because she had the audacity
to engage in activity that someone else finds
objectionable and have a procedure which someone else considers murder. She need only be allowed the
freedom to live with the consequences of her
actions, and the freedom to make choices
unimpeded by the “good will” of those righteous
zealots whose argument comes down to “my god
is bigger than your god -the science be damned. ”

A homosexual couple who chooses to make a
lifetime, civilly sanctioned commitment  should
not be told “we know you want to marry (or just
got married) but we’re going to change the
state’s constitution to stop you”. All but
admitting that gay couples have the “right” to
marry, but there’s that annoying little document
in the way of the Church’s wishes.

The war on drugs is about to go into a little
“shock and awe” courtesy of fanatical pieces of
legislation hoisted on us in the name of the “war
on terror”, and B. Hussein Obama certainly isn’t
going to stand in the way.  The Supreme Court is
by piecemeal beginning  to strike down the only decision standing
in the way of sliding decades backward to
dangerous, life threatening procedures. Gays
have been stripped of the right to marry by
voters who believed that a person’s “rights”
should be put up to a majority vote.

Guys, you of the “fire and brimstone will rain
down if you don’t mend your ways” speeches and
diatribes:  You’ve won.  Gays can’t marry on a federal level, drugs
are going to be even harder to get , as well as
more dangerous, and legal abortion, that
dastardly child of legal and scientific progress
may become a thing of the past.

You’ve won.  So, what’s with the climate change,
global financial ruin, and the election of a guy
that 1. No one knows anything about, 2.  Came
from absolutely nowhere, 3. Has dubious
associations,  4. Hadn’t said word one about what he intended to do, and 5.  has begun to fudementally transform America while denouncing her past?
Yes, this is a moral dilemma  The fact is you
have followed a morality that says in essence:
You are born with original sin (therefore you are
evil, because you exist), You must make up for it
by the constant pursuit/ persecution/
prostylization of those who refuse to denounce
themselves as evil and you must never, ever
question the logic of those two principals.

Friends you are smarter than that.  Yes, you are
in fact suffering for your sins, but not in the way
you think.  You are paying the heavy price that
comes with attempting to get away with a
contradiction. You have achieved the exact
opposite of your stated desires  and have
achieved those desires which have remained
unstated. You have achieved your world, and
handed it to your opponents. Throughout her life
Ayn Rand argued that due to the inherent flaw in
the Christian defense of capitalism the
conservatives would consistently make
concessions to the left and would ultimately
hand over the country to the enemies of freedom.

She has won that argument.  The time is now.  It
is time you discover that which you have never
had but long to achieve. A moral argument.
America’s principles have a moral defense and
they do not come from a Religious Defense.
Mysticism in any of its guises has never had a legitimate claim to truth.

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