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Now is the time for us to consider radical solutions.  Certainly the current Administration’s “solutions” are
radical-dramatically reshaping, distorting, and damaging our
economic and political system.  Radicalism was the
foundation of the American Revolution, and its time that
Americans take the founder’s example to heart.

According to Article I, section three of our Republic’s founding document, the Senate reserves the
power to try all impeachments;  there may be a solution that
Congress has not foreseen: the removal of Congress en masse
by “the people”.

The ninth and tenth amendments of the U.S. Constitution
(articles 11 & 12) grant all powers not delegated to the federal
government to the people. Removal of members of Congress is a power NOT granted to the body as a whole(except as a penalty after conviction for “high Crimes and Misdemeanors”  -nor to the other branches of government  Ladies and gentleman, WE are the
people. is proposing a radical solution for the crimes and treasonous acts of the House AND Senate-a
grassroots movement to invoke the Constitutional powers
granted to the People and, rather than impeach specific members of
Congress via the Senate, to institute a complete removal of the current Congress and implement a replacement by direct popular vote.

This may be naive and ultimately fail in terms of actual
removal from office, but it may achieve the political effect of
mobilizing  public sentiment against apathy, frustration, and fatalism and put Congress, the Administration,
and the Judiciary on notice that they work for
us, not the other way around.
Radical? perhaps.


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