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We are being “lead” by people whose advice in this crisis is “have faith,  by all means-things will get
better”.  Please note that not one of the so called
experts have offered any sort of ethical or
philosophical solution to the calamities that have
be-fallen much of our institutions, our nation, or the
rest of the world.

We hear talk of trillions of dollars being spent to fix
the financial crisis, but not one word about the set of
ideas which have led to the collapse.  We hear talk
about a return to the moral values that shaped our
country-but not one word about what those values are
other than the usual bromides of “hard work”,
“sacrifice”, and above all “return to God
An overwhelming majority
of Americans claim they get their moral values from
God, the Church, and family and most attend church, temple,
synagogue or mosque regularly-so why is it ,
then, that we have out of control divorce rates,
unwanted pregnancies, rampant drug use, and millions of
fatherless children falling through the so called “social
safety net”?

As I wrote in “some musings on rome” , (quoting former
Comptroller of the U.S. David Walker) Rome fell due to
“a decline in moral values, fiscal irresponsibility on the
part of the central government, an overconfident and
overextended military, and an inability to control the
borders”.  We are now dealing with all of these issues
simultaneously, yet the Obama administration evades
and covers up the moral values of his economic team
(who are admitted tax cheats), has proposed spending
that will lead to massive hyperinflation and the
collapse of our currency , is engaging in “diplomatic” rhetoric that will cause a
confrontation with a potentially nuclear armed Iran
and a nuclear capable Pakistan, and
supports amnesty for those who come to our country

Both of our major parties are now engaging in full on class warfare.
The Democrats blame the “excesses” of capitalism
for our woes and are proposing elevating taxes on
those who making over 150 thousand dollars/year (the
bulk of which are small businesses who create most of
the country’s wealth) and blank out on the fact that
the wealthiest 4% of the population pay anywhere
from 60 -70% of the taxes.

The Republicans, unwilling to play second fiddle in the
“class warfare” game, blame our problems on the
social safety net and those who receive such “help”,
blanking out on the fact that they themselves support
huge subsidies for big business, are responsible by
their own default for the welfare state,  and that the
lower economic tier has become chained (perhaps
foolishly)  to a system devised via the altruistic bullshit
that such help is “needed”.

This cannot go on ad-infinitum. We have become a
nation which has confused “wants” with “rights”;
“needs” with “responsibilities”; and have come to
accept the notion that the needs of some requires the
sacrifice of others.  We must remind ourselves that
when someone is calling for “sacrifice”, there must by
definition be sacrificial victims.

It is now time, while Rome burns, that we all refuse to be those victims.


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