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The  crisis in the middle east is a bigger problem than whether Palestinians and
Israelis will ever live side by side in peace.  It
is a symptom of a larger issue, and an
indication of the solution.  You will never hear
any “expert” on  middle east relations saying
publicly what is surely being said in private:
this milennia old dispute is irrationalism given
the veneer of respectability.  The ever growing
violence between factions will not be stopped
until all sides are told once and for all: open
your minds, and shut your mouths.

Make no mistake about it, regardless of what
we hear from Palestinian “moderates”, the
leaders of the Palestinian people will never
allow a two state solution.  The Palestinian
Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah, and every
dominant Islamist group in the region will
accept nothing less than the eradication of
Israel and her people and the implementation
of an Islamic empire in the region, and
eventually the rest of the world.  Make no
mistake about it, the Israeli government will
never allow the “right of return” for
Palestinians, or an Islamic Empire to surround
their country.

These are irreconcilable differences in an area
which is dominated by ir rationalism.  Israelis
will not allow Israel to become a secular
state, and Islamists will never accept secularism,
on any terms.

This dilemma is proof positive that no solution
can be found in the pursuit of the irrational.
Please observe that this situation is only
happening because both parties have
convinced themselves that God is on their
side.  The Middle East crisis is not a war of
equals, it is not a competition for land or oil, and it is not
a battle of ideologies; it is a holy war.  The
dark ages have never left us.  They have been
there, perpetually in our midst for millennia.  The period known as the
dark ages were dominated by two overall
principles, the supremacy of faith over reason
and the rule of brute force.

To my Christian friends on the right who have
convinced themselves that this is proof of the
“end times” malarkey that they have been
peddling off as wisdom, I wish to tell you: yes,
these are the end times, but not in the manner
you wish to present it.  This holy war will
either end with mysticism buried for all time
(as it should be), or the full reverse of freedom, progress, and prosperity forall of us-for many more centuries. There
is no middle ground between reason and
religion.  Reason and religious ideology are
ethical and practical antagonists, there can be
no compromise.  To those clamoring on about
“prophecy”, and predestination:  be warned,
your insistence on the justness of your cause
could very well be a self fulfilling prophecy.

At the birthplace of the three dominant
religions of the past several thousand years
we are witnessing before our eyes, in real
time, the collapse of mysticism.  This is NOT
an accident, and it is not “divine will”; it is
tribalism, barbarism, and meaningless
slaughter waged by witchdoctors in the name of ghosts in the sky  This is
the nature of mysticism, unchanged in its
essence, since primitive man attempted to
explain his origins by muttering to rocks and fire.  Force has always been a corollary of
religion, regardless of the prattling on by
some that theirs is a religion of peace.  Unless
men deal with other with their minds, no other
means are left open to them but guns, rocks,
missiles,and bombs.

This is a dilemma which will remain unsolved
until rational adults say “enough is enough”
and call the parties out.  No solution is
possible until men of reason say to those who
would demand that others deny the evidence
of their senses and simply take them at their
word, your word be damned.  The evidence is lacking.`


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